The New Avenues Before & After Pictures

By | February 4, 2013


I’ve always been fascinated by how things in life looked before and after. If I ever come across a picture of that nature, especially historical one, I’d be poring over it forever, looking at details and imagining the work and time it had taken to go from the before picture to the after picture.

I remember I once bought a book from Lebanon with a before and after war pictures. Pictures taken of places in Beirut during the war, mostly ruins, then pictures of the same places in the exact same angle after its been fixed up. I would gaze at the pages of the book forever, absorbing every details and marveling at how far the after war restoration in Beirut had come. Then I thought to myself: why not try to do the same with the Grand Avenues?

I have the pictures from the day we took the tour when it was still in construction last March (post), I’ve walked around the Avenues phase III as it was called back then, imagining how it would like when its done and people are walking, shopping, dining, and watching passersby. I went to the Avenues again last weekend and took some after pictures that somehow match my construction pictures. Check them out and click on the images for a bigger size with more details…

best place to buy provigil online 2018 The Souk Fountain – Before in March 2012.


South El Monte The Souk Fountain – After in January 2013.


Muji Grand Avenues – Before in March 2012


Muji Grand Avenues – After in January 2013


 Grand Avenues – Before in March 2012.


Grand Avenues – After in January 2013.


Soku Millions of Milkshakes – Before November 2012.


Soku Millions of Milkshakes – After January 2013.


The Souk – Before March 2012.


The Souk – After January 2013. 


Grand Avenues – Before March 2012.


Grand Avenues – After January 2013. 


The Mall – Before March 2012. 


The Mall – After January 2013. 


Prestige Ceiling – Before March 2012.


Prestige Ceiling – After January 2013.


Starbucks Grand Avenue – Before March 2012.


Starbucks Grand Avenue – After January 2013.


I have a few more before and after pictures that I’m going to share tomorrow insha2 Allah as I didn’t want to swamp this post with too many pictures and they still need a little work to be done. I hope you enjoyed these ones if you are like me, a before an after pictures gazing fan. Stay tuned :)

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  1. pinkgirlQ8 says:

    one of the best posts eyaneeeeeeeeeeeeeen
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  2. Jacqui says:

    Looks great mashalla!!!

    Job well done!