Al Nassma Camel Milk Cafe and Chocolates in the Avenues

Kabankalan By | April 1, 2013

Misoprostol sale no prescription anclcmc-004-1I was walking in the souk district in the Avenues when I noticed a new cafe had opened up. When I got closer, I realised it was Al Nassma Cafe. Al Nassma is a well known chocolate brand from Dubai and what makes it special is that their fine chocolates are made with camel milk, which also makes them the first and only chocolatiers that user camel milk to produce their chocolates. 



I’ve seen Al Nassma before in Dubai and I’ve heard that they’ve opened up in Kuwait in Muhallab Center a while back as well. When I saw it in Dubai I didn’t even dare go into the store. The idea of camel milk made me squeamish and milk in general isn’t really my best friend anymore.


However, when I saw Al Nassma in the Avenues I realised my reluctance to try it is a bit childish. How bad can it taste, really? After all, camel milk is highly appreciated in the region for its health benefit.


Al Nassma cafe provides all types of beverages, all of which use camel milk and only camel milk. They also stock the Camelicious bottled camel milk that comes in different flavours like chocolate and strawberry. I’ve seen that brand of milk before in Dubai and I was told the milk was fresh and brought in from Dubai. anclcmc-009-1

Don’t want to try the milk? How about some Arabian coffee then? They also serve Arabian coffee dallah with chocolates if you are brave enough to try.


The chocolates are made in Vienna from the finest ingredients and come in different shapes, sizes, and fillings. The fillings of the ones below are Arabic coffee cream, pistachio marzipan, and hazelnut nougat. You also comes in gift boxes in a 9 or 18 pieces of chocolates size.


The little camels chocolates in a tall elegant wooden box are filled with macadamia nut and honey filling. These would make a perfect gift or souvenir from the land of Arabia!


When I asked if it was OK to take pictures of the store, the sellers leapt into action with a big smile and brought products out for me to photograph. They were extremely friendly. So friendly I was actually taken by surprise. I’m used to rude and paranoid salespersons hovering over your head while you try to take a picture and eyeing you skeptically as if you’re trying to shoplift then grilling you on why exactly are you taking these pictures and who are you working for. Anyway, the sales ladies kindly prepared the display of chocolate boxes for me to photograph. The ones closed ones with the ribbons are the gift boxes of 9 or 18 pieces. Notice the big and small camels? They are made from chocolates as well. Very cute!


This plate decorated with an Arabic poem is lovely as well. A perfect gift to someone who loves exotic things.

I was also given a Camelicious milk pamphlet explaining the benefits of camels milk. Its rich in vitamins especially calcium and vitamin C. It contains half the fat usually found in cow’s milk. It also contains something called Lanolin and Elastin that, along with Vitamin C, are beneficial anti-aging ingredients.


I also met the owner of Al Nassma who generously offered me some Arabian coffee while he explained to me about his store and the benefits of camel milk. I have to say the Arabian coffee was delicious and even if you don’t want to try the milk or still hesitant regarding the chocolates, you should pass by for some Arabian coffee while you build up the courage to try a piece of chocolate. Speaking about that courage, would you be willing to try the chocolates, or the milk? Some of the people who tried it liked it, others didn’t, others said it wasn’t much different that regular chocolates only it was a bit on the sweet side. What about you? Would you try either the chocolates or the milk? And why?

Al Nassma is located in the souk district of the Avenues Mall. For more information you can check their website (link) or their instagram (@Alnassma).

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