Alberdawny’s Iftar Feast & Eid Gift

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For the last iftar meal I’ve had in the holy month of Ramadan in 2013, I was surprised by Al-Berdawny Palace Lebanese restaurant. Five minutes before iftar time the most beautiful Eidiya ever was delivered to my iftar table. Eidiya is the gift given out to people during the Eid, which is the official Islamic holiday that comes when the holy month of Ramadan is over. Alberdawny sent me a little table called tabliya, wodden with colourful tiles on it’s surface and decorated with a Lebanese tarboush or traditional cap with a black tassel, plus three big Alberdawny boxes filled with delicious Lebanese dishes from their menu.


I loved every detail of the little table, from the crystal encrusted red tassel to my blog’s name on the side to the flowers placed by the tarboush. The gift was put together by Events by M, a business by two girls who do event planning and gift services in Kuwait. I’ve seen their work before and I was always impressed by their creativity, you can see for yourself by checking their instagram account (@EventsbyM).




Now for the food, Alberdawny sent me an entire meal with salads, cold and hot appetisers, a main dish, and dessert! All the popular Lebanese mezze were there: hummus, muttabal, waraq enab -stuffed vine leaves-, patata harra -spicy potatoes-, and an excellent, lip smacking muhammara!






Tabbouleh and Fattoush salads of course.



Plus arayes and kubbeh.



For the main dish there was a big platter of grilled kebabs, meat cubes, and chicken tawooq, enough to make the little stray kitten toota and tafeeda go haywire and jump up and down while the food was brought into the apartment.


I gave toota and tafeeda a piece of chicken each, then the stronger kitten tafeeda ate toota’s food. I looked out to see toota sitting on the law chairs mewing softly and giving me that look, wanting her share of the grills! Heartbreaking <3


By the time I took those pictures, set the table, and fed the cats -both very happy- it was time for the iftar meal. I was surprised to find loaves of hot pita bread fresh out of the over with our meal, something I greatly appreciated.



It was a fine iftar meal indeed, so tasty and fulfilling. Alberdawny’s food was excellent indeed. As for the post iftar meal tea, we had the dessert they sent over, Alberdawny’s Um Ali. Sweet, warm, and delicious!


Thank you Alberdawny for your beautiful eidiya and the delicious feast! You really made the last day of fasting in Ramadan 1434 memorable for us. 3eedkom mbarak o 3asakom min 3owadah :)

Al-Berdawny is located in Salmiya, baghdad street right opposite the Yacht club on Gulf Street. For more information you can call 25661117/8, check their website (link), follow them on instagram (@Albredawny).

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