Why do u wear too much perfume? Correction, WHY DO U BATHE IN PERFUME?!

how to buy generic accutane By | October 21, 2008

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Last time i checked, perfumes were NOT getting any cheaper… price wise?

Y3ni when ur a MAN or a WOMAN, men before women tra… and u r going out, why do u DRENCH ur self from head to toe with your bottle of perfume?

No, don’t smell bad, take a nice bath or shower in the morning, then ako technology ismha using some pulsing places in ur body, like ur wrist or behind ur ear, like all people in europe or america do, o put a small amount… the pulse of ur body will make the perfume work in the HUMAN WAY perfume is supposed to work!!!

No, u are NOT supposed to put perfume on ur clothes. No, you are not supposed to spray your self all around with perfume, suffocating people, giving them headaches early in the morning, making the smell race into your throat while you are trying to put that M&M inside it, choking you…

and guess what? Some people actually GET A HEADACHE from perfumes…

and guess what? TOO MUCH PERFUME is suffocating!

and guess what? Not everyone likes the same smells that you do like. Fa sitting there like a glade perfume dispenser all day long smelling like a smell people cannot stand, is actually very very horrible!!!

Tra wearing too much perfume is vulgar. Believe it or not? Mo kashkha, mo razza, mo nathafa… its plain vulgar!

It shows u lack the civilised education to how to use a perfume, rather than abusing it…

And yes… im still in a bad mood…

7 Responses to “Why do u wear too much perfume? Correction, WHY DO U BATHE IN PERFUME?!”

  1. Lama says:

    Well this post say it all.

    I hate heavy perfumes because it gives me headache.
    Trying going in the elevator with a bunch of Girls. and each one of them smell Differently. and sometimes the men ..

    there should be some odor sensors in closed places. it will go off when anyone put a strong smell.

    I don’t blame you for being in a bad mood for such reason.

    is there an air vacume or something that would clear the air around you?

  2. danderma says:


    Mako ilaa insawee a march against wearing too much perfume. That stuff is toxic… Madry ma yekhtangoon?

    I suggest we distribute masks, white ones, o march together… united against the vulgarism of bathing in perfume…

  3. Lama says:

    Good Idea, and lets call in the media and Khaled abduljaleel 😛

  4. aws says:

    Aside from Hygene … this stuff is 7aram !! at least for women…
    as for men, wonder why the Ozone layer has a hole in it…

  5. danderma says:


    Ee il nass chinhom mabakher yamshoon… ishda3wa?


    7eta lo kan 7lal ham malah da3ee hal kether 3e6er khangaa… o ok lets say inah mo 7ram for men… still they just put too much… like every thing else in our society, too much anger, too much speed, too much impatience, too much gossip, too much rules, too much rants, too much staring, too much hyata, too much showoffing, too much eating, too much travelling, too much prodding, too much nosing in every one else’s business but ur own! Every thing is just too much… bs 3ad!!!!

    Lol 3la il ozone layer… 7lal 7ram ya jma3a itzerebaw ishwaya!

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