Lamy’s Perfumes Eid Gift By | August 18, 2013

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Just before the Eid holiday I received a lovely Eidiya from the lovely Lamya Al-Farsi, the owner of Lamy’s Perfumes, a local perfume making business. I’ve had the pleasure to meet Lamya a while back in a perfume exhibition where she mixed perfumes from different scents on the spot (post). Lamy’s perfumes are well known for their different and sometimes daring scents, you wouldn’t find any other Kuwaiti perfume maker who would make scents like ice cream or cheesecakes for example.


The eidiya, or the eid gift, was a bag filled with different Lamy’s perfume bottles. There were six of them which was quite generous. Lots of lovely scents to wear!



What perfume scents were they?


Let’s see, there was the violet perfume, flowery and nice.


The lemon perfume, quite fresh for people who like fruity scents.


Pink rose, very lovely and recommended for rose scent fans. I can never get enough, my favourite flowers are white roses by the way.


Queen Lamya, quite different and lovely.


Last but not least, my favourite, the ice cream perfume! Yummy!


Oh and just for old times sake, the Danderma perfume! Yes there is a Danderma perfume by Lamy’s! Here is the story (post).


Thank you dear Lamya and Lamy’s perfumes for the scented eidiya! Wishing you the best of luck and cannot  wait to see what different scents are you coming up with next. 3eedich mbarak o kil 3am o entaw bkhair.

Lamy’s perfumes are sold in the cosmetics section of Al-Rawda Co-op and you can also order them and have them delivered at home. For more information you can contact Lamia Al-Farsi on +(965)-94944043 or follow her on Twitter (@LamyPerfumes) or on instagram (@LamyPerfumes).

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