The Making of Ramadan’s Samboosa

Bera By | June 25, 2013彩票游戏-【✔️官网AA58·CC✔️】-大乐透投注-彩票游戏md4pq-【✔️官网AA58·CC✔️】-大乐透投注no18-彩票游戏dgg6a-大乐透投注sqju sbmk-003It’s time again to bring out the samboosa dough, for my Ramadan iftar table is never complete without a plate of hot bubbling baked samboosa (samoosa) in the very centre! With fourteen days to go until the start of the Holy Month of Ramadan where muslims fast all day long and break their fast at sunset. A favourite Ramadan preparation activity of mine is wrapping the Samboosa’s myself at home using my own filling mixes. Read more »