Ayar Perfumes Eid Gift Tray

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A few days before Eid Al-Adha I came home to find a heavy cream and gold bag waiting for me from Ayar Perfume containing their new perfumes collection.

If you follow me on my blog and instagram you’d remember that I’ve fallen in love with Ayar Perfumes ever since I received a gift box from them in Ramadan (post) and that by Eid Al-Fiter I’ve polished off the entire box and ordered refills. Judging by the size of their huge Adha Eid gift, it would take me a while until my next refill!

 What’s inside? Well, an acrylic tray lined with dried flower with three big boxes of mamool -incense- and 9 boxes of different Arabian perfumes.

The three Mamool boxes are also in acrylic and lined with wood pieces. There are three kids: Dana, Sadan, and Malaki. The one I’ve tried before and loved is the Malaki, smells so so good.

As for the perfumes, well, there are nine of them each placed in its own box which looks like a little drawer. Very nice indeed.

I haven’t tried everything yet but some of them are really good especially if coupled with the incense. Good job Ayar!

Thank you Ayar Perfumes for the Eid gift. Its too much really but I loved it and I highly recommend it. To order from Ayar Perfumes or for more information you can contact Ayar by calling  55501991 or contacting them by following them on their twitter account (@AyarPerfumes) or Instagram (@AyarPerfumes).

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  1. faye says:

    wow it looks great bl3afya 😉