A Sneak Preview of the Opening-Soon Sections in the Avenues Mall

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We were invited by the Avenues to a sneak preview of the soon to be opened new sections of the Avenues: The Prestige Section, The Old Souk Section, and The Soku District section. So on Friday afternoon we were all gathered up in the Grand Avenue and at 12:30 our entourage was walking behind the Avenues sign towards The Prestigie section.

The Prestige enterance is still sealed off to the public by this wooden door divider thing.

And the first thing that catches your eyes is the big purple lovely glowing dome. Also, on the right its going to be the Dior boutique and on the Left its going to be the LV boutique.

The dome! Gorgeous dome!

Beneath the dome and to the left and right are going to be a selection of upscale designer label stores.

Next, we went to visit the Soku district, a hip and happening place where its all about creative stores and youthful interests. Its enterance resides in the alley between Starbucks Grand Avenue and Sprinkles Cupcakes.

The first thing you see on your left is the soon to be opened Million of Milkshakes store.

On the right there is a little cosey secluded courtyard that’s amazing! Feels like just you are in Europe and there will be an IHOP there! A favorite spot of mine already.

Next we move to the old souk district where it felt like we are in the old traditional Mubarakiya souk.

Cafe Bazza!

This place reminds me of Al-Gharabally Street.

The next and last area to be explored was the Mall area.

This is going to be Kidzania and its opening is to be in March 2013.


The newest enterance to the Avenues with a beautiful balcony like thing that’s to be illuminated by coloruful LED screens.

By the time we finished the tour it was almost 2 PM we knew that the Backstage group and the KTV band would be performing to celebrate the opening of the new Avenues section so we grabbed a table at Napket and had lunch while we waited for the festitivites to start.

Here is KTV Band gathering around and people taking their pictures.

Then The Backstage Group performed. Here is a video of them performing taken by Pink Girl.

Next KTV band continued the celebration.

By the time we finished we were exhausted so we went for Starbucks Grand Avenue and there was the beloved Toffee Nut Frappucino making an appearance again :)

And we didn’t leave empty handed. The Avenues gave us a canvas bag filled with goodies and a big map to the entire Avenues mall. Nice!

It was one memorable day at the Avenues! Thank you Abdullah Al-Baddah and Mabanee for your kind invitation and for the amazing tour. The new mall section is opening today, Monday. For more information and to be updated on the Avenue’s openings and latest news you can check the Avenues website (link), like them on facebook (link), follow them on Twitter (@The_Avenues) or on instagram (@The_Avenues).

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