More Festive February Lights in Kuwait City By | February 19, 2013

Romsey mffkc-005-14

The other day I was going on Gulf road heading to Industrial Shuwaikh when I noticed more lights were lit around Kuwait City and that my camera was in my bag sitting there doing nothing. Then I saw the picture below and I just had to stop and take a few photographs!


My first stop was at Shuwaikh beach right beside the KPC building, the lights display was moving and playing and casting different colour combinations on its facade.


Going closer…



Then moving on towards Shuwaikh Sea Port…



When you see the Shuwaikh Port from a far it looks like a blazing cube of lights! Like a big giant lit up Rubik’s cube changing colours. Its so beautiful and yet this is the only semi-decent photograph I could come up with. I wonder if they allow people to park on a bridge and get out to take photos?


I love February. Kuwait becomes even more beautiful. I can’t stop driving around looking at the festive lights at night. Here are my two previous posts on the February Lights of 2013 (post) (post).

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