Mishref Co-op Ramadan Gift Box 2013

Esmeraldas By | July 3, 2013

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The holy month of Ramadan is almost here and for the past three or four years we’ve gotten used to receiving a big box chockfull of Ramadan supplies from Mishref Co-op where my husband has an account. I arrived home yesterday to a big fat colourful box tied with a pink ribbon, so heavy you couldn’t lift it on your own. At first I thought someone had sent me a gift box but looking closely I realised it had the Mishref Co-op logo on it! Never before have I seen a local Co-op distribute such a beautiful and well thought of gift before!


What’s inside? Let’s open it up…


The contents of the box were covered in a sheath of jade coloured satin. The thoughtfulness that went into these little touches is admirable.


Inside? Ingredients for a feast!



3 rolls of aluminium foil paper. bags of spices, five boxes of tissue paper, big foil packaging boxes to fill with giveaway food. A big bag of Vermicelli and three different bags of macaroni from Kuwait Mills Company.


A package of dates. Two bottles of Vimto, the official Ramadan drink in Kuwait. A bottle of almond sherbet and a bottle of rose water.


2 bags, 2 kilos each of grains making Yireesh and Harees, popular Ramadan dishes that I don’t know how to translate into English, or eat for that matter. A jar of saffron and a box of lipton tea bags.


A jar of vine leaves to make stuffed vine leaves, and a bottle of home fragrance.


Last but not least, a box containing 12 sachets of Maggi’s chicken vermicelli soup.


Quite a loot indeed! Whomever put together that thoughtful gift had really gone out of their way to ensure that each and every item is useful and of good quality. You’ve really done a an excellent job this time Mishref Co-op! I’ve thought your gifts wouldn’t get any better, but I was wrong! Now I cannot wait to see what will they be distributing next year!

I shared the pictures of the gift on instagram yesterday and I was surprised that many other co-ops never distributed any kind of Ramadan gifts before. I know Jabriya co-op does so every year, I wonder which other co-ops would do the same? Do they? If they don’t, they should, it makes people very happy.

6 Responses to “Mishref Co-op Ramadan Gift Box 2013”

  1. 3ateeja says:

    shamiya co-op kil sina ywaz3on bs nafs elmontjat ely tnba3 bel tmwen “el-asasyat” mo nafs mishref mksh5en el-box 😛 … o etha many ‘3l6ana 7ata Qadsia co-op mn rmthan ely 6af blshaw ywaz3on :)

    • danderma says:

      Ygoloon Khaldiya Co-op gives out great boxes too! It’s a really nice initiative during Ramadan, I wish more co-ops would distribute something similar. Jabriya Co-op gives out gifts but they don’t even compare to Mishref’s!

  2. I searched you on Instagram but I did not found you. Which name are you using on Instagram. Wish you a happy Ramadan.

    • danderma says:

      Thank you, may you have a blessed Ramadan with your loved ones! My user name is Danderma :)

  3. SW says:

    I thought it was only our coop giving out ramadan gifts. None of our friends have ever received nor heard of coops giving away ramadan gifts! We receive one every ramadan and this year it is a big box full of goodies too. BTW, we live in Nuzha, probably the only expat in this area. lol. Ramadan Kareem :)