Mishref Co-Op Ramadan Gift Box 2012

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As my husband is registered in Mishref Co-Op he has been there earlier this month to pick up his Ramadan Gift. I have to say they outdid themselves this time, the big box they gave uscontains almost every basic ingredient a Kuwaiti household needs to cook during the holy month!

All Ramadan favorite drinks, tomato paste, a home freshener, every single spice you can think of!

Every single dry grain you can think of as well along with packing supplies, dates, and kleenex.

This year Mishref Co-Op have really outdone themselves. I remember they started giving away these huge Ramadan gift boxes in 2010 (post). I wonder what they will give us next year insha2 Allah?

What about your Co-Op? What did they give you as a Ramadan gift?

2 Responses to “Mishref Co-Op Ramadan Gift Box 2012”

  1. Sn3a says:

    ana tawny sakna bel salam o ma sajjalt bel jam3ya yet
    bait ahaly eb Mishref o kel rmthan hadya a7la mn l thanya
    ana el7een ast5dm l gallaya elly eljm3ya waz3t’ha last year

    • danderma says:

      Manzel imbarak insha2 Allah :)
      Ee last year kanat fryer mo? Madry where is ours!