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Last Sunday I had the pleasure of dining in Chocolateness new Avenues branch and trying out the new items on their menu which will be introduced on their opening day this upcoming Thursday. It all started last week when I received a chocolate-y invitation for the opening night of Chocolateness. 


What’s more befitting an invitation for a chocolate place other than chocolate? A spoon with a block of chocolate actually, to be dunked in hot milk and turned into hot chocolate. I saw it and I immediately remembered winter and I have to say, I am so glad we are in September already with summer behind us! I can’t wait for the cold days to arrive.



Sunday at 7:30 P.M. I was at the door of Chocolateness new branch, located in the SoKu district of the Avenues mall right next to Nestle Toll House, Melanzene, and Little Ruby.


The interior of Chocolateness is lovely, twice as big as their first branch in Burj Jassim with different seating areas and engraved wooden panels on the ceiling, walls, and table tops. Trendy, modern, and colourful.


The wood panels were done by a local Kuwaiti guy. The menu was drawn up by local Kuwaiti chefs, the boxes were designed by a local Kuwaiti designer, and the packaging are all environmentally friendly and used from recycled material. Talk about a local Kuwaiti talent collaborating together under the umbrella of Chocolateness which is also a local Kuwaiti business that started one day selling molten chocolate cakes in a booth at GUST university fair.






The seating area with the big plush arm-chair looked so relaxing. I could almost imagine myself diving into a chair and overdosing on chocolate as I enjoyed some quality relaxing time chatting with my friends.


Now for the menu tasting, there were plenty to choose from in the savoury department but we opted for the new items only. Now what did we order?


We started with cold drinks: the original mojito and a passion fruit mojito. Mine was the passion fruit mojito and it was really, really good.



Mixed leaves Salad with avocados. It was good and light. Why the salad? To compensate for the amount of chocolate we planned on consuming later :p



Cheesy spinach balls with a side of marinara sauce. These I liked a lot.



Although all you can see is green inside it wasn’t very spinach-y. The spinach gave a nice subtle kick to the taste even though I’m not that crazy about spinach. It did have a spicy note to it by the way but nothing too severe.


Next to arrive was the BBQ burger. I didn’t taste it personally but to me it looked like a home-made burger which some people might like and others won’t.



Vegetarian mushroom lasagna. I didn’t try it myself but I was told it was good plus the portion was just right for one hungry person looking for something savoury before indulging at a chocolate-y dessert.


Speaking of dessert, here is comes. My chocolate attack was accompanied with a cup of Earl Grey tea.


We ordered two desserts and the owner of Chocolateness Rakan Al-Fadhala brought  over two more desserts that he recommended. The first dessert we ordered was the bread pudding. If you are looking for something warm this is for you.


Nutella Pudding, recommended by Rakan Al-Fadhala.


This was warm and very chocolate-y. If you think Nutella is too heavy you better sit that one out but if you are a fan and want something warm then order this instead of the bread pudding. It arrives with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


My favourite dessert of the night, the one I saw on instagram and was dreaming about all day long was the new Block 3.


What is it and why the block 3? Well, its three nutty brownies arranged together to hide a crème brûlée center and doused with chocolate sauce! Yum!


Can you blame me?


To me it was very good, perhaps the best thing I’ve had all night long. I almost polished it off entirely on my own. I loved it but some might find it a bit on the heavy side.


Rakan Al-Fadhala also recommended we try the Morqab which, according to him, is the dessert with the most positive feedbacks from his family and friends. A cookie molten cake filled with chocolate sauce and topped with vanilla ice cream. How good does that look?


The Morqab is the kind of dessert you’d want to attack on a free day to get back at your diet. As you cut it open the chocolate sauce oozes from the inside, combined with droplets of melted vanilla ice cream. I have to say it was a sensational treat, cutting through the layers of cookie-dough like cake soaked with vanilla ice cream and rich chocolate sauce. It was my second favourite dish of the night.


After we sat back with a sugar overdone and a surge of endorphins after all that chocolate, the owner Rakan Al-Fadhala explained to us their commitment to social responsibility in the form of sponsoring different expos and events, giving back to those in need, deploying young Kuwaiti talents to provide whatever Chocolateness might need to operate, and their five-year plan for expanding in the GCC region and beyond. I look forward to the day I walk the streets of my favourite city in the world, push open the door of Chocolateness’s cafe and order the morqab after a long day of shopping. Thank you Rakan for your generous invitation and the delicious dinner. It was a pleasure meeting you and we wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavours.

Chocolateness’s new branch is located in the SoKu district of the Avenues mall right next to Nestle Toll House, Melanzene, and Little Ruby. It will open it’s doors on Thursday 5 September 2013 and there should be a big celebration that includes KTV’s band marching and playing songs all over the Avenues, not something you’d want to miss. For more information you can contact them for +(965)-22960606, check their website (link), or follow them on Twitter (@ChocolatenessKW) or Instagram (@ChocolatenessKw).

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