Things to get 4m London: Lola's Cupcakes!

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One cupcake store i am quite fond of in London is Lola’s Cupcakes. After a long day of shopping in Selfridges i always make sure i stop by Lola’s Cupcakes corner in Selfridges Food Hall, stand in line and choose some cupcakes for the trip back home…

As i am standing in line i had nothing but my Blackberry Camera to shoot by… so some of the pictures are of bad quality…  Standing in line you can read their menu…

I try and makeup my mind on what flavours to choose… they all look so yummy…

I like their round signature design…

Their flavour of the month: Chocolate & Orange! A favourite combination of mine!

Of course you can always grab one of their blue boxes to go… perfect for travelling or for gifts to take back to Q8… but they only have the large sized cupcake ones…

I always go for their mini cupcakes since i like to have different flavours, i was lucky to get some Red Velvet ones since they finish up fast!!!

I also took the lemon flavoured one pictures at the very top of the post with glitter icing, a carrot cake one, and the new flavour of Chocolate Orange one 😀

I like their little box with the handle… very convenient! Although you must be careful or the cupcakes will smash into each other :(

They have new festive items… they sound like whoopie pies…

and they also have kits to decorate your own cupcakes! Unfinished cupcakes along with frosting and little things to put on top! Now that’s a lovely gift idea!!!

Lola’s Cupcakes are also available in Harrods and in Top Shop flags ship store in Oxford Circus… for more information and pictures visit their website here

6 Responses to “Things to get 4m London: Lola's Cupcakes!”

  1. sn3a says:

    ya Elahee!
    ana geltlch i have seen london
    but not ur london!

  2. Nuha says:

    Woooow, its look fabulous 😉

  3. Oh i love the packaging…and the cupcakes look like they taste great! Bel3afya :)

  4. Summer says:

    I love their cupcakes!! they’re so good 😀

  5. giggles says:

    wee 7asafa 3ad o5oiy tawa rad min london chan emwa9eta eyebli :( i have to keep it in mind for next time inshala.

  6. noon says:

    bil3afia :* the red velvet made me drool !!