Milk Cafe’s Chocolate Gift Basket By | December 4, 2011


Yesterday evening the door bell rang and something was delivered. A gift basket from… Milk Cafe!

With a bright orange card that had my name on it.

The first thing I did is read the card. I love getting cards by the way. Found this very sweet message inside from the Milk Cafe team 😀

That’s really sweet! Thank you guys! So what’s inside that basket? Literally filled to the brim with goodies?

All kinds of chocolates dippers available, including two that haven’t been introduced in the cafe yet!

Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and Saffron White Chocolate dippers. The new Kinder Chocolate and MnM’s Chocolate dippers. And…

Two new flavors that are to be released soon: Aero Mint Chocolate and Rolo Caramel Milk Chocolate! Mama mia!

But that’s not all! There were also bags filled with Milk, White, and Dark chocolate coated honeycomb.

And two bag fulls of mini almond biscotti dipped in Nuttella! The smell of those was out of this world I tell you!

What we chose to have that night was of course the Aero Mint Chocolate and the Rolo Caramel Milk Chocolate.

I liked the Aero mint alot. Although I am not a fan of Aero but it didn’t taste Aero at all. The downside is that it wasn’t very minty. If you are wary of the mint flavor then you shouldn’t worry it has the slightest hint of mint flavor. If you like it strong like After 8 for example they you won’t like it.

And that’s the Rolo Caramel Chocolate Dippers. The mini rolos melt and you can see the swirls of caramel melting and its so lovely!

And it was a fine fine dinner. Those little Nuttella almond biscotti? Dipped inside the hot milk? One dip and they become so soft? Gone with the wind in a matter of minutes.

Thank you Milk Cafe for such an amazing gift! You truly made me happy yesterday. I overdosed on your chocolate goodies until bed time :p

See what I mean by giving out a gift of milk dippers from Milk Cafe? The next gift I am giving out would be something with Milk Cafe Dippers in it! It made me so happy I know it would make gift recipients equally happy :) Or imagine you are invited to a camp or chalet gathering in this cold winter and you take a basket of hot chocolate dippers as a gift with you instead of a salad or a much repeated dessert? New, quirky, and Splendid!

Milk Cafe is located in Al-Seif area right next to Pinkmoon Boutique. For more information on their food you can check my previous posts (here) and (here) and for more information about Milk Cafe you can check their facebook page (link) or follow them on twitter @Milk_KW

6 Responses to “Milk Cafe’s Chocolate Gift Basket”

  1. sherifalqassar says:

    Cool mug ;D thanks again for everything !

    • danderma says:

      Hehehe this mug is older than you :p
      Ur most welcome sweety

      • Sherifalqassar says:

        Aham Shay older than me ! ;p kil Mara I ask omi min wain u got this the answer is before u were born ! Everything happened before I was born ;p your more famous now just because u blogged about me lool

  2. swera says:

    i went there to try it but the place was crowded & not to mention the awful parking! mako ella early morning!

    3alech bel3afia dear :*