Dinner At Atari Asian Tapas Restaurant

Boyarka By | September 8, 2013

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The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “Atari” is the Atari video games we used to play in the very early 80’s, therefore when  a new restaurant with the name Atari opened up a while back the name did catch my attention and made me want to dine there, and I finally had the chance to do so last Thursday. 


Atari is an Asian Tapas restaurant located on the Seif Restaurant strip right next door to Slider’s Station and Cocoa Room. High ceiling, dangling light fixtures, floor-to-ceiling windows, open kitchen, black and green colour theme, gorgeous retro tiles, and the cutest graffiti peeking from the strangest places is what makes this little restaurant special. It’s also very cosey with only a few tables and quite a tight squeeze.






My favourite graffiti was of the mushrooms, sprouting just below the cash register. Very creative and totally in tune with the Atari theme.


Still, why the name Atari? The menu had an explanation. Apparently Atari actually means hitting the target and I suppose it combines both the retro carefree attitude plus hitting the spot right with the good food. I liked the name even more. The menu, however, was still their soft opening menu which meant there were a very limited amount of dishes to choose from. We were told that dishes from the new full menu would be available the very next day which is last Friday.


Not a big fan of Asian food myself, I did manage to find something to order. First we went with soft drinks.


Don’t you just love those tiles? They are so pretty!


For appetizers we went for the spicy edamame. They were good, but really spicy!


For the main dish my husband went for the spicy Thai chicken curry with steamed rice.




He enjoyed his dish a lot even though it was so spicy his face was turning red. My order was the Noodles which were vegetarian.



The portion of noodles was very small, probably because it was a side dish. It was quite tasty but again it was really spicy and I was tempted to gulp the entire bottle of diet coke after a few bites.


The restaurant was getting crowded so when we were done with our meal we decided to leave but when we asked for the check they asked us to wait for dessert which was complimentary. I asked for black coffee to go with my dessert.


The dessert was a very rich warm dates cake topped with vanilla ice cream.


I’m not usually a fan of dates or cakes with dates but this cake was lip-smacking! So delicious, oozing flavour, and hit the spot just right which I suppose in Asian means Atari! Atari indeed!


Our check came to about 10 KD, not bad at all for a meal out. Do you see the bottle beneath our check?


A melted coke bottle! I suppose this is a recycled coke bottle and I just love it! The attention to the quirky details in Atari is amazing.


We enjoyed our dinner in Atari and we’d love to go back and try more of the food items on the new menu. We do have one complaint regarding the service, which although was very friendly and efficient but they were too attentive. The moment you put down your fork, or chopsticks, or take the last sip of your drink, you’ll realise that your plate is gone! Actually they swept away the edamame just as I was about to grab one and the dish was half full, they didn’t ask us if we were done or if we wanted it to be removed. Swish, and it’s gone. Game over! The delicious cake made up for it though. Great place you have there Atari, wishing you the best of luck

Atari Asian Tapas is located in the Seif Strip right beside Cocoa Room and Slider’s Station. There is no need for reservation but for more information and you can call them at +(965)-22468760 or follow them on instagram (@Atari_KW).

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