Or Bakery’s Heavenly Chocolates

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The first thing I celebrated with yesterday was the arrival of my Chocolate Brownies from Or Bakery! I called them a day before and asked for half a kilo to be delivered to me on Tuesday Evening. At 4 P.M. Exactly they delivered the white heavenly box.

Their bag and logo are very elegant and the design is very clean. I like how simple yet lovely it was.

I like their box and their black ribbons as well. They say simplicity is beauty and Or’s designs are a  live example on the truthness of that saying!

Mmmm the lovely transparent paper embossed with golden Or logo. My heart started beating as the smell of the chocolate brownies started wafting to my nostrils then… YUM!

Ya salaaaam! They are all MINE!

Now what makes this piece of chocolate special is the quality of the chocolate itself PLUS what’s inside…

It’s filled with a scrumptious brownie. In the center of that brownie there is…

Liquid chocolate sauce seeping from the center of the brownie. The combination is amazing. The textures, the flavors, mmmm! Never before have I tasted a Kuwaiti-made piece of chocolate that’s as good as this one! It’s no wonder people are ordering more and more from them every day! The moment I first tasted that heavenly piece of happiness I was hooked and I began craving it like mad. By the way i just had another piece for my breakfast today :p

To order from Or Bakery you can call them on 97571012 , send an email to  sales@orbakery.com, check their website (link), follow them on Twitter (@OrBakery), or on Instagram (@OrBakery).

17 Responses to “Or Bakery’s Heavenly Chocolates”

  1. c'est la vie says:

    woooooow….drooooling and am fasting …..just order it for my fo6or :p
    bel 3afia

  2. Interesting .. Never heard of it!

    Although I’m not a fan of brownies, I don’t mind ordering from them really soon .. by the way did you try Chocolate & More? I think they have the best Chocolate in Kuwait with some really good quality

    • danderma says:

      Q80 In Denver: They have an amazing collection… and this kakawa in particular 3awar qalb! Chocolate & More? I don’t think i’ve tried them before no…

  3. Yours Truly says:

    Yum Yuuuuuuuuuum 😀

    If I order it on Thursday and kept it until Frinday evening, will the center chocolate still melts like in the picture? I have a gathering on Friday and they don’t deliver 😉

    • danderma says:

      Yours Truly: i don’t think it will ruin anything! You can call them for a taste package with all kinds and they will deliver it to you for 8 KD… i should’ve done that my self! Stupid me!

  4. BNDQ8 says:

    OMG Those look super delicious!! mouthwatering.. how many do you get in a box and how much is it??

    • danderma says:

      BNDQ8: a half a kilo has 18 pieces and it’s the minimum order. A kilo has about 36 pieces and costs 19 kd… half a kilo 9.5 KD…. you can order their sample box for 8 kd and it contains all the other flavours which are equally amazing 😀

  5. Yours Truly says:

    Woooow really! Khalas will do that thanks for the tip hon 😉

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  7. The chocolate is well made and what surprised the most is the chocolate quality .. really good standards. My sister chose their chocolate when she had her baby

    – Try Rahash too

    P.S. Ask for the sample box .. I believe you will find a lot of good stuff :)

  8. noon says:

    o chaaaaan i drooled !! bil3afiaa