Recipe: Spaghetti Pomodoro

buy Lyrica cheap By | June 3, 2012 I’ve always been a fan of Spaghetti Pomodoro, or in English, Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce. I remember a year in my life when I ate spaghetti pomodoro for lunch every single day for an entire year. I can never read/smell/see spaghetti in any medium without craving spaghetti pomodoro immediately. Read more »

Things 2 Do in London: Amorino Gelateria & Cafe!

Ghijduwon By | December 4, 2010

On my last day in London I was wandering sadly & aimlessly through the streets of London. Light snow was falling and the weather was FREEZING. When I stopped dead in my tracks as my eyes fell on Amorino across the

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When in Rome… Search for Cucina De Leoncina!

By | November 6, 2010

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On Twitter two of my girl tweeps were talking about Restaurants in Rome when i recommended this tiny little place…

I don’t know where i read about it because it is NOT a tourist spot at all, but i remember very well going to the Street it was supposed to be in, searching and searching and going around in circles until i found two elderly italians going inside this unremarkable door with no sign above! Only then did we realize that this tiny place was the famous hidden gem, the Cucina De Lenoncina!!!

We went inside and waited to be seated, on heading inside another big Italian man came up behind us, pushed my husband roughly to the side and barged in infront of us and took the last remaining table!!! The place was filled with Italians an no tourists and the only spot they found us was a little table behind the huge oven! The setting sucked and the porcelan tiles on the walls reminded me of those kebab restaurants in Sharq wel Murqab with stainless steel cutlery! There was a little balcony on our right where people were sitting outside and people jumped over the hedges to be seated… pandemoneum!

But the pizza… the pizza… THE PIZZA! You will never ever EVER find a better pizza in all of Italy… or the world… we didn’t even have time to take pictures…

How good? Let me just say that i am willing to board a plane to Rome to have it for lunch and come back. Of all things Italian, this is the BEST in all Italy… that includes fashion and gelato and pastas  and old historical places…

Good luck finding the place if you are in Rome 😉

here is an article about it i found online…