Lunch at Cafe November in KIPCO Tower

By | August 19, 2013


About a year ago I was in the United Tower in Kuwait City for the first time attending the opening of Upper Crust Pizzeria when I saw a sign for “Cafe November”. November can mean one thing and one thing only, that the distinguished November Bakery is opening up a cafe! If you love and admire the November Bakery as much as I do, you’d know how happy I was when I knew just before Ramadan that they were finally open.


When Cafe November first opened they were only serving desserts and promised to start serving savoury items after Eid. I decided to wait, for I know how good their desserts are and I wanted to taste their savouries. Yesterday they announced on Instagram that they started serving their savoury dishes and since they open until 5 P.M. only and I get off work at 3:30 and had to be somewhere in Kuwait City at 4:30 P.M., I decided to have a quick lunch in Cafe November and headed over to United Tower -some call it KIPCO tower, I’m not sure which is more accurate btw-.


Cafe November is cosey and right by the entrance of United Tower with a long display of delicious items and four tables for diners situated by the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the KIPCO tower’s lobby. Big mirrors, flickering candles, flowery wallpaper, white curtains, and vases of single pink roses were everywhere! Quite adorable.


I was there for the salads, I asked for something vegetarian and almost every item available was vegetarian friendly! The sweet November owner Bibi Hayat was there and she explained she was a vegetarian herself but diners can ask to add chicken if they wanted to their meals.


I had a hard time deciding on what to have for there were plenty of healthy choices: Asian noodles salad with peanuts and vegetables, Orzo pasta and cherry tomato salad, Wheat Berry, rocket, and chickpeas salad, Zuccini and some red berry with feta cheese and pine nuts salad, plus different sandwiches and quiches.




I finally made my choice, a grilled halloumi ciabatta sandwich and the chickpea, wheat berry, carrots, rocket, and feta salad! As I paid for my order I was handed a complimentary slice of banana cake to take home with me. Yum!


I made my way to the back of the cafe to a table with a bench and pillows and the whole setup was flanked by two very home-y table lamps. It felt like I was dining in my own living room, very cosey and relaxing indeed.





It took mere minutes for my food to arrive along with a complimentary piece of goat cheese, herbs, and zucchini quiche. I’m not a quiche fan at all, but that little slice I had was delicious! I’m having that the next time I’m over there for sure.


My salad which came with extra sauce on the side was gorgeous! Crisp, light, flavoursome, and with every bite I discovered a new ingredient like chopped pistachios for example.




Next the halloumi ciabatta.


It was fresh, bubbling hot and delicious, the portion is quite generous and I could only manage one half of it.


After lunch I couldn’t resist ordering some dessert to go with my takeaway, who can resist November bakery’s cakes?




If you are still not sure which building is the KIPCO or the United Tower is, it’s the one near Al-Raya and Al-Hamra with the different coloured window panes on the facade. A gorgeous building masha2 Allah.



Cafe November is now open everyday except Saturday from 11 A.M. till 5 P.M. only. The location is good and parking is available, the interior is sweet and welcoming, and the food is delicious. They don’t have delivery still but you can pass by for a quick fresh and healthy lunch or a succulent melt in your mouth dessert. They have heavy organic hot chocolate in a small estekana that I’m craving right now. Well done November, wishing you all the best :)

For more information regarding Cafe November, you can visit the cafe in the ground floor of KIPCO or United Tower, Kuwait City. Check their website (link), or follow them on instagram (@Cafe_November_KIPCO).


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  1. Susan abughazi says:

    Mabrook. I loved the light colors of your decoration in all photos you posted, got to come soon to try the food.

    All the best

    Susan Abughazi