Cooking the Perfect Scrambled Eggs for Breakfast By | August 29, 2013

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A long time ago, when Google Reader was alive and kicking, I remember a fellow blogger posted a video of Gordon Ramsey preparing scrambled eggs. The only way I can actually crave and eat eggs is by eating them scrambled and not every restaurant can make them the way I consider them scrambled. You know yellow, creamy, with soft peaks and the entire thing in one piece. Ever since I saw the video I’ve wanted to make scrambled eggs at home but I never really got the chance to try and cook them until last weekend.


I had just bought a packet of hot rustic brown Egyptian bread and I couldn’t imagine having them any other way than stuffed with scrambled eggs and low fat cheddar cheese! I went online, google Gordon Ramsey making scrambled eggs, and voila! I had an excellent breakfast on my hands -and a few plates waiting to be washed in the sink, ugh-.


The Gordon Ramsey video is four minutes long and that’s how long it takes to make scrambled eggs indeed! Just follow his lead in the video and you will end up with the most delicious scrambled eggs ever, I only used a spoonful of skimmed milk instead of the crème fraîche he used and I sprinkled chopped parsley instead of chives on top! Turns out I’ve been scrambling the eggs the wrong way all these years! Now I know how, I can make happy scrambled eggs every weekend morning and enjoy them too!


Do my eggs look good? I sure hope so! Anyways here is the video, if it doesn’t work below here is the link to the video on (youtube).

Thanks to my fellow blogger for posting that video, I’m sorry I cannot remember who was it for the life of me, but I’m much obliged indeed. Next week I’m planning on using a different kind of bread and perhaps adding the cheese to the scrambled eggs directly. Now, how do you eat your eggs if you eat eggs at all?

8 Responses to “Cooking the Perfect Scrambled Eggs for Breakfast”

  1. bagladyg says:

    Your scrambled eggs looked so yummy., looking at them at work made me hungry. When it comes to eggs I am a bit finicky. I do not like eggs that smell eggy (if you know what I mean). If the eggs do not smell eggy, when I make them myself, I like them scrambled like yours, except I do not add milk or cream, instead I coat the pan with a bit of butter, and I mix a bit of grated cheddar cheese with my eggs, and a tiny dash of cayenne pepper, whisk them (read somewhere it helps with boosting metabolism and helping with weightless), and I cook them until they are well cooked. Then I put them in a plate, with a side of brown toast.

    • danderma says:

      I know exactly what you mean. If I eat an egg that smells “eggy” I could very well stop eating them for a year until the memory goes away! I also used to make my eggs so burned and dry it would resemble pebbles, I hate runny eggs. I recently discovered that adding cheese to the eggs while cooking will result in a combination of flavours that I’m not a fan of, any kind of cheese, but if I add it on top or in a sandwich after cooking I won’t mind! Weird, but I am weird :p

  2. gt says:

    What kind of fresh creme did you add to the eggs

  3. Walsabah says:

    I love them scrambled with a dash of milk .. Or sometimes the “Kuwaiti” way which is scrambled eggs with onion and tomatoes .. Or a recent kind i stumbled on to scrambled eggs with onions and kezbara ( coriander?)

    • danderma says:

      I cannot eat eggs with onions and tomatoes at all :(
      How does it taste with coriander? I usually stay away from coriander because it reminds of me maraq semach’s taste but perhaps it’s time to give coriander a chance!
      P.S. You’ve been missed :*

  4. Walsabah says:

    Awe thank you missed you loads .. Trying to catch up with ur latest posts xx
    With coriander you either love it or u hate it