My Gorgeous Cable & Cotton Coloured Lights

buy fake antabuse By | November 20, 2013 cacfl-002

cenforce While reading Dorothy Koomson’s latest novel which was set in Brighton, UK I remembered a few Brighton posts I hadn’t published yet. I am not sure why, but I have plenty of posts just sitting there awaiting the publish button and for some reason I cannot seem to bring myself to push that button. I think its time I shared this -and many other- posts before they go too stale.

One day in May as I walking in the narrow streets of the Lanes in Brighton I came across this little busy store with a colourful display and plenty of customers milling inside. My attention captured by the colourful lights, I made my way inside at once. Read more »

Al-Rawda’s Spectacular Festive Lights

By | February 21, 2013

rcsls-012Every year during February some of the residential areas put up a few festive lights to celebrate the occasion of the National and Liberation days on 25 and 26 February consecutively. The most spectacular lights are the ones usually found in Ahmadi City but this year Ahmadi has a strong contender: The Festive Lights of Read more »

The flickering lights paranoia!

By | October 13, 2008


I have been told once that if a light flickers… it means there is a “ghost” or a “spirit” around it?

Im not sure if thats a myth or not. But lately something very strange have been happening…

It started a few months back. A spot light in my apartment started Read more »