Ben’s Cookies Ramadan Gift

Devonport By | July 27, 2013 bccg-002-1

A few days ago I received a small red tin from Ben’s Cookies branch in Kuwait. Naturally, I found several different types of cookies inside, all freshly baked and melt in your mouth soft. The tag on the tin box said “please use within four days”. 



The ones saying hello in the pictures below are the milk chocolate chunk cookie and the double chocolate chunk cookie.



Personally I’m not a big fan of Ben’s Cookies in London, I like them all right and I enjoy eating them but I think their texture is too much cake-like. My husband however adores them and wouldn’t mind eating an entire shop on his own when we are in London. He was happy to confiscate the tin from me. He thinks Ben’s cookies from the Kuwaiti branch taste almost the same as the ones in London and they taste best if they are freshly baked and just out of the over.

Thank you Ben’s Cookies Kuwait for the delicious cookies, Mubarak 3lekom el shahar o 3asakom min 3owadah. Ben’s Cookies in Kuwait are located in the new mall district of The Avenues mall next to Kidzania. For more information and deleveries you can contact them on +(965)-22201222 or follow them on instagram (@BensCookies_Kw).

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