The Video of Project-X Bloggers Cookings Competition

By | July 11, 2013


If you’ve been reading my blog for more than a year you might remember that we participated in a bloggers cooking competition under the name of Project-X last June (post).  I teamed up with my favourite Pink Girl and together we made the spiciest, weirdest, and frankly not that appetising dishes in the competition and came last :p I’ve almost given up on seeing the videos but lo and behold, a year later and they are finally released for the world to see.

The good thing is that as I watched the video yesterday I laughed, and I can tell that we were having a great time. What I remember is the laughter, and not the failure, and that made me really happy. I would also like to apologise once more to the poor judges for sending a too spicy dish their way and almost burning their taste buds off, their reaction is captured in the video w3liya! You can watch the videos of the competition on the Zain Telecom’s youtube channel (link) or watch the videos below…

This is day two, our day is what I’m posting first of course

Day one dish one

Day one dish two

The finale!

The videos are lovely! Good job and thank you guys who behind the Project-X competition: Basma Al-Musallam, Ahmad Al-Hendi, and Chefs Victor & Olga and congratulations to the winners once more :)

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