Breakfast at Cafe Bazza in the Avenues

where to buy Latuda By | March 12, 2013 bicb-003-1One of the places I’ve been waiting to try for breakfast is the Avenues branch of Cafe Bazza. I’m already a fan of their food/theme/atmosphere and I’ve tried them for dinner/lunch/breakfast many times but I’ve never been to the Avenues branch which is located in the traditional Souk section. Whenever I arrive there at 10 or 9:30 A.M. I find it pretty crowded and the outdoors tables are all taken so last week I made it there at 9:20 A.M. and to my luck there was one last table outside available for breakfast.


They have plenty of options for a traditional Kuwaiti breakfast and most of them come in a package deal like platters of different things with a basket of hot bread and a basket of Kuwaiti dunking biscuits (darabeel, lsan el thoor, baq9am, etc.). Of course we ordered Chai 7aleeb (tea with milk) for breakfast and we also ordered Saffron milk to mix and match. It didn’t take long at all for our drinks to arrive.


We chose one of the breakfast deals, I think it was Dasman or Sharq breakfast which comes with eggs, foul, white cheese, hummus, and a bread basket. We also ordered some bread with qaymar (clotted cream) on the side. Cafe Bazza’s foul is excellent by the way.



I asked for the eggs to be scrambled and they came sleeping inside a big fluffy hot loaf of bread. They were very good and just like the eggs you find on top of balalee6, another Kuwaiti favourite dish of sweet saffron noodles topped with eggs.

By 9:45 A.M. we were digging into our breakfast but also people had arrived, all hungry and wanting to have breakfast. The seating area inside was full, the best seating area outside overlooking the Avenues souk was also full and there was a one hour waiting list for the tables by 10 A.M. What I didn’t like and it wasn’t really Cafe Bazza’s fault was the fact that our table was right by the entrance which meant there was a long line of hungry people waiting to speak to the restaurant manager and passing time by oogling our food. Also, some people who were waiting around for their turn found it OK to stand over your head and stare you down while you were trying to eat so you’d finish up and go and they get their table and sadly that worked. We took our good breakfast for takeaway and escaped. I didn’t even get to take proper pictures or even take one of my qaymar and bread :(

To get a table for breakfast at Cafe Bazza, be there early on a weekend before 9:30 A.M. and make sure you take a table away from the entrance and between tables so waiting people won’t be able to pass time by staring at you chewing away. If you can have breakfast out during the days of the week, go then. The food is good, the portions are generous, the service is quick, the the location is excellent and fits right into the modernised traditional Kuwaiti theme.

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