Quinoa Bread and Pizza Base from J’s Bakery

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Lately I’ve been doing nothing but trying to concentrate on making my diet work and trying to stick to a healthy life style, therefore you will be seeing a few more diet food related posts every now and then on my blog. Earlier this week, I’ve seen Ansam cooking a dish on instagram using quinoa bread she got from J’s Bakery.


I love everything about J’s Bakery, from their gorgeous guilt-free gift baskets I’ve received once to the maddening aromas of their freshly baked goodies in their little shop, all healthy and diet-friendly. However, I never noticed they had quinoa bread until I saw them being used by Ansam on instagram so I got into my car and headed immediately to J’s bakery to place my own order for the quinoa bread.


The minimum order of each kind of bread is one dozen and there are three different types: original, multigrain, and za’atar (thyme with sesame) quinoa bread. You have to order 24 hours in advance which I did. I’m not sure if the quinoa bread is gluten free but it has quinoa and the lid of the box was foggy with steam from the hot bread loaves which smelled amazing. I ordered the multigrain and the za’atar ones.


When I got home I immediately took a bite of the multigrain bread, I couldn’t take it anymore and it tasted good, soft, and fresh. Of course it wouldn’t be as soft as a pita bread or a piece of toast but it was soft enough to satisfy me. I decided to use those thin quinoa bread discs as pizza basis and made myself some pizza tomato sauce from my old and trusted recipe.


All you have to do is pre-heat the over to 180 C. Place a spoonful of tomato sauce on top of each piece of bread, and spread it evenly with the back of the spoon.


Place whatever topping you like on top, I personally like mine with bell peppers and sliced green olives.


Sprinkle your cheese, in my case I used a mixture of cheddar for the sharp taste and mozzarella for the stringy effect. Add a leaf of basil and some oregano on top and you’re done! Can it be any easier?




Into the over it goes, preheated at 180 C and for five to six minutes. Keep an eye on it so it doesn’t burn out. You’ll know it’s done when you can smell the cheese & tomato sauce mixture.


Five minutes later and I had lunch on the table with a green salad on the side. Bubbling hot tomato sauce, juicy olive slices, and melted sharp stringy cheese waiting to be devoured.


A dash of tabasco on top would seal the deal and complete the circle of good pizza taste.



I cannot even begin to describe how delicious was that pizza to eat or how good it smelled. There is nothing on earth that rival a hot bubbling pizza, perhaps only a bowl of spaghetti pomodoro but pizza is always a winner in my book.


You can of course cut corners and use bottled tomato sauce, but it won’t taste as good. Using quality ingredients like your own homemade tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil leaves makes all the difference in taste.


The star ingredient in this dish is of course the multigrain quinoa bread. It held the tomato sauce well and didn’t get soggy or break apart during or after the baking. The za’atar bread would make a lovely open faced labna sandwich or a baked cheese fatayer in the oven and it’s quite tasty also. Who says diet food is boring or not tasty? I can have this pizza for lunch everyday for a year. I actually had it for two days in a row and am contemplating having it again for a third day going. Thank you dear Ansam for posting about them and making me all hungry :*

J’s bakery is located in Mubarak Center in Surra, block 6 street 11. To place an order for your quinoa bread or for more information you can call them at +(965)-25350640, check their website (link), or follow them on twitter (@Js_Bakery) or instagram (@Js_bakery).

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