Anime/Movie Cravings for Lunch!

buy prednisone online canada By | January 25, 2016


What makes you crave something? badly?

Me? Believe it or not its cartoons! Anime to be exact, the Japanese ones that we grew up watching. Whenever they gather around a dining table, those glittering dishes, specifically those steaming bowls of soups with a side of little bread. I was always hungry after watching an episode with food, and don’t get me started on Ninja Kabamaro’s chowmein insatiable appetite! Read more »

Yamanote Atelier the First Japanese Cafe in Dubai

By | August 18, 2013


On the night before I left for my eid holiday in Dubai my friend Mira whatsapped me about Yamanoti, a newly opened Japanese bakery & cafe in Dubai thinking I’d like to check it out. She was right of course, for the moment I set my eyes on their instagram account I knew I wanted to try it on the first day of Eid and I did manage to do so.  Read more »

Movie Review: From Up on Poppy Hill

By | February 27, 2013


When I saw the trailer for the movie, the latest from Goro Miyazaki who also made Spirited Away, I knew I wanted to watch it. I love everything Japanese  especially their anime. During the past holiday I went to see it in Read more »

Fareed Abdal’s Arabian Calligraphy Exhibition

By | February 18, 2013


Yesterday me and Ansam attended an amazing Arabian calligraphy exhibition by Fareed Abdal in Gallery Tilal. I’m a big fan of Read more »

Help: Shows worth watching?

By | January 24, 2012

In November I wrote about finding two shows that are worth following again: Pan AM and Revenge. I loved the idea of both and I was hooked.

Now that Revenge is halfway through I can say its sounding a bit ridiculous in some points. Is it just me or am I watching something like Kill Bill? A Japanese “revenge” instructor and people getting away with arson and murder without the possibility of being caught? When did Japan become the brand name of Revenge exactly?

Revenge is getting a bit ridiculous. DHW is past its expiry date and its ridiculousness is unheard off. Every season there is someone being killed, criminals attacking no one but the ladies of wisteria lane, and secrets being unraveled. Bs 3ad.

Pan AM is still beautifully written and as the episodes go on its becoming even more interesting.

I want to check out Once Upon a Time, Drop Dead Diva, New Girl, and some sitcom that had been advertised in the UK as a hilarious top number one of some crazy woman -not new girl-. Any thing else you might be watching and think its worth checking out?

Pancakes in a Can from a Vending Machine in Japan!!!

By | November 8, 2010

I have found this invention in an amazing travel blog i have stumbled upon recently and thought i would share it with you!

Hart, a blogger who is currently living in Japan, found the above Can in a Drinks Vending Machine in Japan (post link)! Now if the Japanese are known for something it’s their innovative creativity! The can has a liquid drink and when dispensed it is actually heated… and when drunk it tastes exactly like what a bite of pancakes with maple syrup and butter tastes like, la o hot b3d!!!

According to Hart its too sugary… but then it is still something different than what we are used to! Many people wouldn’t mind trying it!

I wouldn’t try the drink to be frank, sounds too sugary for my taste :S  But don’t you wish you had similar vending machines in Q8? and Would you try this liquid Pancakes in a Can drink?