10 Reasons Why You Should Get Braces

By | September 21, 2011

1- It will shave off 10 years of your real age and make you look younger and more innocent.

2- You won’t be able to eat anything for a long time so you will loose a big amount of weight. You will be thinner.

3- Your facial features will improve: your nose and your lips and your mouth will look different and better at the end. You will look more beautiful.

4- Your speech will be corrected and your pronunciation of difficult letters will improve.

5- People with braces cannot whistle, so there is less amount of noise :p

6- People with braces cannot chew gum. Believe me, you can do without chewing gum and forgetting about it and chewing away without noticing. No gum society is a much classier society.

7- Straight teeth are easier to clean and brush than crooked overlapping teeth. Easier to clean means you will get healthier longer living teeth therefore less visits to the dentist. Some orthodontists say it even reduces the chance of having some heart related disease but I am not sure if that’s confirmed or not. Yjooz.

8- After all the pain, the hunger, the dreaded visits to the orthodontist. In the end you will have great aligned teeth. Which is step one towards the dream Hollywood smile. Just look at Katherine Heigel’s teeth while she laughs and you will know what I mean.

9- In the end since you have more confidence in your teeth you will be laughing and smiling more, you will be taking more pictures, you will be more talkative, all of which will improve your life and your confidence.

10- Every one in Kuwait is wearing braces now, young old, rich poor. Its the new Habba. It also means that in two years time everyone will have great teeth and if you have the slightest mishap in your own teeth it will stand out, badly that is.

So even though its a bit scary, the part where they take your teeth out. Even though its painful. Even though you suffer from one to two years. In the end when it comes off its quite worth it. I cannot wait for mine to come off, maybe in December insha2 Allah.

Look in the mirror, if you need braces then GET braces. There if no excuse for having bad crooked misaligned teeth now a days. No, being afraid is not excuse. There are many different treatments out there, take your pick!

10 Reasons Why Someone Won’t Reply 2 Ur Email Immediately

By | September 13, 2011

1- If you send an email it might very well be dilevered to the SPAM folder, even if you are a frequent contact of that person. Not everyone checks their SPAM folder. I don’t.

2- If you send an email with a request, and you get no reply, try and send it again. Maybe it went to SPAM or Failed to be delivered in the first place. There is no guarantee it would be dilevered.

3- If you resend your request, or you are sure that your email was received but you still have got no reply then check the way your email was written and make sure you have your request quite coherent, clear, and politely blunt.

4- If you sent a very clear request, and it was received, yet you still got no reply, don’t get all hefty. It might not be something personal or the receiver is to ignore you on purpose. People have lives, they get busy. They get sick, travel, have personal problems,swamped with work or personal obligations. Always make excuses before accusing others.

5- If you insist that you are being ignored on purpose, check your email again and imagine yourself receiving it. Is the language used appropriate? Have you asked nicely or were you rude and condescending? Does your email look more like an ORDER than a request? There is a big difference, look it up before you complain.

6- Check that you have sent the email to the correct address. It is NOT the receiver’s fault that you have decided to send the email to an email account that hasn’t been used since 1998!

7- Sometimes people try to reply, get technical difficulties and the email is either not sent correctly or sent to the Draft folder than times passes and its forgotten.

8- Maybe you did get your reply, but it was sent to the SPAM folder. It happens.

9- Sometimes people cannot access their email for a few days: Lost laptop or phone, hacked email account, upgrading email servers, etc. Then when they are able to do so emails can come back with such volume that it needs to be sorted out which take time.

10- Not everyone is interested in what you send, you are not Obama after all.  Lets say that the receiver purposefully didn’t reply to you, for one reason or another. There is no need to retaliate and lash back. Have a bit of class and move on.

Therefore, if you sent an email and didn’t get your reply within less then an hour don’t go on writing a post ranting about people who don’t reply back to their emails and how conceited and snobby they are. Be reasonable, make excuses, check your information, and have some class. All righty?

10 Reasons Why I miss Kuwait when I am in the UK

By | September 12, 2011

1- Your hair starts drying in the shower even before you are done showering, with the water being so hot and the air even hotter. It takes forever for your hair to dry in the damp UK weather :p

2- The UK water and my hair DO NOT go along. Period. My hair become a frizzy loofah. Kuwait’s water restores my hair immediately.

3- We have Qaymar, Labnah, Khobiz Irani, KDD Mango Juice, Cocktail Juice, darabeel, alphonso mangoes, and Liban (buttermilk). They are all not available in the UK -except in specialty shops y3ni-.and I miss them dearly.

4- Pizza Qaysar! I miss it! I also miss our local restaurants: The Burger Hub, Pizzetta, Prime & Toast, The Cocoa Room, Lenotre, The Chocolate Bar, Cafe Bazza, and Nino! Truly miss them! Why won’t they open in the UK? Cilantro did!

5- Believe it or not I miss Cinescape. Its just the collection of movies in Kuwait is better than the ones in the UK and movies tend to open up in Kuwait before the UK for some reason. Do not miss the crowds, screaming babies, burnt popcorn, and the censorship though.

6- I miss the independence of having my very own car and not having to share it with anyone. I miss my long drives with my own songs blaring.

7- I miss the smell of Bukhoor. Even though I have my own bukhoor kit that goes wherever I go but I am always too afraid of lighting up bukhoor and having the smoke of incense set of the Smoke detector. I’ve been told several times that its OK but I still am too chicken to light bukhoor. Mali kholg loya.

8- I miss how normal daily stuff we need and require are I normally priced in Kuwait. Gasoline, Soft Drinks, Groceries, Fruits, Sandwiches, etc. Also that we have no taxes and how we have free dental facilities especially for emergencies.

9- I miss the sound of prayers Athan, especially when its maghrib time and if the mo2athen has a beautiful voice, so serene! Its just different when you hear the athan and you get up to pray than when a clock ticks and you know its time for athan.

10- Sometime, not always but sometimes, especially when I’ve been gone for over a month, I miss the Arabic language and Kuwaiti accent: Arabic news, Arabic TV, Arabic radio, hearing Arabic chatter here and there.

See, there is a silver lining in returning back home even if its hotter and less fun :p What do you miss most about Kuwait when you are abroad?

10 Diet Ruining Irresistible Temptations

By | June 22, 2011

1- Breakfast at work. We do’t usually do breakfast at work with big gatherings and hoopla but it so happens that the first day of your diet always coincides with having breakfast at work. Which ruins the entire weekly plan :p

2- Family Gatherings. You have been good all week. Then comes the weekend with your family gathering looming. You lecture your self and say you will eat two spoonfuls of this and than and nothing else. Then your mama’s hot apple cake is sitting there and it smells so good and you already ate the entire fattoush bowl at lunch and oopsy daisy you are tumbling out of the wagon into the abyss!

3- Food Ads and Brochures. Is it just my imagination that the day you start dieting those damn brochures appear out of no where on your door step and newspaper’boxes and even at your cars window with yummy pictures screaming eat me eat me I am a phone call away?

4- Living with a man. They just can’t stop eating, 24 hours, the most delicious food ever and they have testosterone to the rescue. What is a girl to do? Wear a blindfold?

5- Food gifts from abroad. If you receive a mountain f chocolate from Geneva or a carton of the latest flake from London, do you think it would wait four months for you to end your diet? Really? Yeah I didn’t think so either.

6- Celebratory Invitations. We celebrate by food. A’s birthday, B’s Graduation. C’s promotion. You go into a restaurant in the middle of the diet week, you try to stick to salad and water… they suddenly that gooey chocolate cake is in the middle and you take a bite and everything is ruined for you :(

7- Courses with Buffets. You go to a course without having breakfast. Then the break comes and you try to stick to your diet by looking at the buffet spread ahead of you. Luscious croissants, gleaming danish, golden samboosas. You try to resist then you realize you won’t have this buffet every day and your defenses crumble and in no time you are waving bye bye to your diet.

8- Twitter & Bog Posts. Well I am guilty as charged. Its just too damn hard to not crave something badly when the pictures are so graphic and the description says good and yummy. 7ram :'(

9- New Restaurants. It so happens that restaurants decide to bloom like mushrooms, one after the other, exactly when I start my diet. Everyone is talking about try restaurant X or Y. We are human after all, we say we need to try it to get it out of our system. Then you try it and your diet takes a suicidal jump out of the window.

10- Coming home after grocery shopping. What’s a dieting girl to do when she returns home to find her coffee table filled with all the forbidden goodies shown in the picture above? You can resist for a day or two waiting for them to vanish, but eventually your hands will betray you and grab a piece of chocolas with one hand while strangling the diet with the other.

What usually ruins your next Sunday’s diet plans?

10 food items I’ve eliminated out of my life

By | May 17, 2011

1- Croissants: They are filled with fat and carbs. They provide zero nutritional value. They taste amazing and heavy but 2 minute after I am done I suddenly feel very hungry and need to eat some more. Absolutely no need for them in my life.

2- Fried Samboosa: I am a sucker for Samboosas. If I am fasting and there is a platter of Samboosa on the futoor table I would devour the entire thing. I also gain weight from air so I have resorted to making my samboosas at home with low fat fillings and baking them in the oven instead of frying them.

3- Fruit Juices: This was a quite recent decision but I don’t really regret it. I am not a fan of fruit juices since they are nothing but excess sugar. Lemonade is an exception though.

4- Artificial Sweetners: I’ll either have real sugar in moderation or have none at all. There is no need to poison my body with those chemicals, no matter how “natural” the source is. Period.

5- Diet Coke: Poison. Pure poison that has a weird after taste and actually prevents weight loss and contributes to the feelings of anxiety and depression. Mo naq9een. Water and lemonade are fine. 7up Free maybe once in a blue moon. But no more Diet Coke.

6- 7abb o Mokasarat: I’ve never been a fan of 7abb or seeds or nuts in all kinds and flavours. I do not see the need to add a ton of excess sodium with no apparent nutritional value to my body. Plus there is no need to get a habit of passing the time with chewing on something salty a fattening.

7- Packaged potato chips. There is only one brand I allow myself to have, which is the ready salted Real McCoys from the UK. I eat it once every 3 trips maybe. Plus the salted Hula Hoops which I must have on the plane back home. That’s about it. Other than that I avoid the chips like the plaque.

8- Jelly Beans: I love love LOVE Jelly Beans. If I have the right flavours I would simply devour and entire bag. But they are nothing but chewy sugary drops with absolutely no nutritional value and they somehow cause me stomach cramps.

9- Balalee6: Although a favourite childhood dish of mine I came to the conclusion that the taste is not really worth the damage. Sugar, fat, and wheat in excessive amounts only to make you feel hungrier afterwards, esh7aqa?

10- Pickles, 6orshi, and Achar: The way they smell, the way they look and feel, the way they damage your stomach, ugh. Never ever EVER!

10 Kuwaiti Rhymed Expressions the get on my nerves!

By | April 7, 2011

1- Kilish Milish… to me this is min amlaq il expressions bel lahja il q8ya… milish shino b3d!!!

2- San6alon Ban6alon… San6aloon shinoo?! China Sal6a3oon! Thankfully this expression is rarely used now a days!

3- Kafeet o Wafeet… Sadly this expression is so over used today… it don’t like it. It gets on my nerves. It had a hidden mocking note to it…it’s like saying 36ona emgafakom but in a polite way!

4- Khale9 Male9… Abchi!?

5- Se7r Be7er… Madry min wain ayebon hal expressions elmaleeqa!!!

6-Sol6 Mol6… Oh it makes me laugh… but the 6 part is so heavy on the ears!!!

7-Sobaq Lobaq… the Q part is heavy… plus i always imagine a loqloq jiggling and two barefoot kids in dirty dishdasha’s running in the street !!!

8-Sa7eq Ma7eq… I imagine a fight between Mazinger and Grandizer when i hear it with Jungar and Ra3d el3elmaq clapping and cheering on the side lines!

9-Shaysh Baish… for some reason i begin imagining the smell of kebabs when i hear it… it’s a bit annoying!

10- Achla7 o Amla7… i don’t really hate the words… it’s just i’ve  seen an old Black & White series called achla7 o amla7 and the song was so stupid singing achla7 o amla7 over and over again it ruined the expression for me :(

What rhymed expression that get on your nerves when you hear them?!

10 reasons why i despise being the Big Sister!

By | March 12, 2011

This post is loosely based on a BBM broadcast i have received… so i cannot take credit for…

1- The big sister is always responsible for whatever goes wrong in the house… she will be held accountable even if she was travelling to another country at the time. Mathlooma.

2- The big sister is the one who gets the super strict treatment and given no slack. The other siblings always get away with things she wouldn’t dream of doing. Maskeena.

3- The big sister is the one with all the expectations. She is supposed to be the brightest, the soundest, the wisest, the one who graduates first, the  one who marries first, the one that bears children first. So much pressure.

4- The big sister is the social face of the family especially in 3aza… not necessary in 3azayem o wanasa unless her help is required. Manseya.

5- The big sister is the one they turn for expecting financial help and support especially from the youngest siblings bank El Tasleef El 3alami

6- The big sister is the clown of the family… the younger siblings would unite together and taunt her until she loses her marbles. Araqooz

7- The big sister is always expected to be tough, strong, and takes care of the other siblings. and who takes care of her?! Mo ella.

8- The big sister is the house’s secretary… she must answer the phone, take down the messages, write down the grocery list, order the home delivery, book the vacation tickets. Anything goes wrong and she would get a scolding. 7amalat Asya.

9- The big sister is supposed to watch over her siblings and keep them “busy” yet “quiet” especially if her parents are napping. Should any sibling make noise, it is her that would be blamed! Baby Sitter!!!

10- The big sister should always be ready with solutions to family problems. It is almost always the case that her opinion would be mocked, laughed at, and totally cast aside. Mega9a.

Why do you hate being the big sister or brother?!

10 Things That Annoy Me When I Try to Pray in a Prayer Room

By | March 9, 2011

1- You are in the bathroom, you are just about to turn on the water faucett on to do you whudo2, and the lady next to you drops everything and dedicated the next 5 minutes of her life to watch how you do your whudu2… very very closely! Mind your own business la etkhozrene etkharbe6enee!!! LEGAFA!

2- You are done with whudu, you head to napkins dispenser to Read more »

10 Reasons Why I suffer as a Vegetarian in Q8 :s

By | December 27, 2010

1- The eternal conversation you have on daily basis is: Vegetarian y3ni shino? y3ni Ma akel la7am… Inzain Dyay… wala dyay… enzain semach? wala semach… haaaaaaaaaw 3yal eshtakleen?!

2- People actually think you are putting on an act to attract attention…  like ur a daloo3a and Read more »

10 Reasons Why: I dread Salon Makeups in Q8!

By | October 6, 2010

1- It is almost impossible to get an appointment. Everyone is fully booked weeks before hand. What am i supposed to do hire a fotrune teller to tell me when i am going to be invited this upcoming year?

2- If IF you are lucky enough to get an appointment… it is always in a bad time. Like 12 pm or 3 pm and the bloody party starts after 8!

3- There is always someone in your chair at your appointment time getting the “last” touches done. She looks in the mirror and says “no do this a little lighter” or “no this is a little heavier” or “la la mo 7elo redo this” etc. etc. … WILL YOU JUST Read more »

10 Reasons Why: I never use those Q8y Words

By | June 18, 2010

6b3an ana mali sho’3ol fekom… it’s a free country o ppl barely speak q8y anymore… i am saying this about my self… why i, Danderma, never used/stopped using them…

1- “Y36eek/ch el 3afiyaa“… i feel like im in bab il 7ara greeting el3aqeed… my badeel oho Gawach/Gawak Allah… athrab

2- “Amana“… shamantah ballah? y3ni you want me to do something for you o you say amana laish amana? amanat shino ?

3- “7arakat“… as in waaay 7arakaaat… acrobat Read more »

10 Reasons Why: I Dread Driving in the Q8y Summer!

By | June 13, 2010

1- When you enter the car… be it day or night, parked in the shade or under the sun, it is exactly like entering a furnace :S

2- Even with the best of cars… the AC will not start blowing cold air until you are 2 minutes away from your destination.

3- Unless you wear gloves, you will be scalded trying to touch anything: Door handles, steering wheel… etc. etc. Same goes for opening the  house door or any kind of door.

4- If your car seats are made of leather… and you are wearing short sleeves/skirt/shorts… be prepared for your skin getting burned upon impact.

5- You would like to drive fast enough to escape the sun… yet you are really not supposed to. The friction cause by the hot asphalt will shred your tires… you must drive slower than usual under the hot sun :S

6- Because of the heat… people are much angrier and very irrational… avoid human interaction on the road, it could get very very ugly.

7- For some reason people think it’s ok to stop their cars in the middle of the road to grab some ice cream or cold water bottles… so what if it was in the middle of a busy roundaboubt causing a  horrible traffic Jam?

8- When you need to fill your tank, even at night time, you will need to turn off your car engine(and the AC)… those five minutes are equivelant to an hour in a sauna room. My advice? Fill your car 1 KD at a time…

9- Drive thrus are out of the question. If you have to open your car window -to take a parking ticket for example- it is torture and there is a good chance you will have two mismatched arms color wise…

10- When you are FINALLY home, flushed from the heat and sweating all over, you run to have a shower and cool off… but you will find that there is nothing but scalding hot water… even if your father had shut the hot water off and kept the Water Tanks in a brick room on their own. Only hot water in the summer comes with the territory.

10 Reasons Why: I hate the Salons in Q8!

By | June 10, 2010

1- You make an appointment, you are there on time, and no one will be ready for you, end up waiting an hour extra and ruining your carefully planned out day!

2- There is always a *witty* woman barging in trying to squeeze her self between appointments. They almost always succed and might even take yours.

3- If a dye is involved… i hate the burning sensation on your scalp and the suffocating fumes.

4- Pretentious over dressed women would sit and eye your casual jeans/sweats outfit disapprovingly. Well i am not going to get dye on my new Matthew top now am i? Shtaboon?

5- I am afraid someone will break my neck with all the excessive tugging and yanking and abuse my head gets while being *tended* to

6- I  hate the cold hard basin, the water running down my neck, my ears getting wet, and again i am afraid someone would yank my head back so hard it will break my head. Can’t i do it on my own?

7- I hate the loud music blaring from the speakers… often not to my taste at all… over and over and over…

8- I  hate that they keep the AC on it’s highest temperature… thus blowing over my wet hair and neck. The next day i must wake up with a cold!

9- I hate them trying to sell me their products… insisting over and over that that’s what i need for my hair and it will miraculously make it all better. No Thank you is never enough. I end up buying just to shut them up!

10- I do not know how should i tip them… or how much should i tip…. Do i put the tip in her pocket? If she has no pockets what do i do? If she disappears inside trying to mix something… do i wait for her to come out? What if she doesn’t like the amount?

** Update ** Forgot to add that there is not one salon in Q8 that caters to all ur needs… i have a salon for threading, another for cutting, a third for dyeing, a fourth for makeup and hairdo’s! Hmph!