BooK Review: Men I’ve Loved Before by Adele Parks

By | January 22, 2013


The story in this novel started out brilliantly, Nat is preparing to celebrate her husband Neil’s 35th birthday with friends and family and a modern restaurant in King’s Road. Life is good for the couple, they live in a small house in London with decent jobs they love and are madly in love with each other. They both want Read more »

The First Ramadan Ghabga

By | July 26, 2012

Yesterday we hosted the first Ramadan ghabga in our new apartment and we had so much fun! There is nothing better than a cosey home gathering with good food, good company, and laughter. The best thing is that it didn’t take much effort at all, just place Read more »

Aaya Perfumes Gift Set from Zafaf Magazine

By | May 10, 2012

We got a knock on the door, and there was a black bag with a “Saja Perfumes” embossed in gold on it. I was puzzled, who would send me Read more »

Does Your Married Friend Hide From You When Seen With Her Husband?

By | January 15, 2012

How many times did this happen to you? You are in a mall or in a restaurant or even the Co-op. Alone, or with friends, or your family, or your husband. Then you see a married girl friend of yours walk in with her husband, sees you from the corner of her eyes, then either she walks away hurriedly or pretends she didn’t see you and walks right by!

You are sure, 100%, that she had seen you. You also know she avoided you just because she is with her husband. The next time you see her husband free she will be all over you kissing and greeting you like the friend you are supposed to be.

Eshda3wa! Ma7ad 3ndah rayel ‘3airich? Eb naklah? Your actions say one thing and one thing only: you are insecure! I have no problem encountering women with my husband. I have no problem introducing him to my girl friends and saying this is flana and this is flana. You know why? Because I have confidence in myself, my marriage, and most importantly: my husband!

Do you think your husband is blind? or that if he saw a friend of yours who is a woman that he will suddenly cheat on you? What kind of a relationship do you have with this man? You call this a marriage? Where you are afraid of every woman who walks the face of the earth? What about your house keeper? Isn’t she a woman too?  What about your sisters? What about his unmarried girl cousins? What about his female work colleagues?

You can’t stop your husband seeing other woman. If he is going to be unfaithful to you, he will be unfaithful even if he lives in the land where no females walk on the face of earth. If he meets your girl friends it tells him you have utter confidence in him. If he has to run after you while you flee every female who might say hello to you eventually he might rebel and want to show you that he can and he will cheat on you with another woman if he wants to, just because he could.

Your action just make us laugh incredously at you and pity you and your limited mentality. So grow up. 3aib 3leech. Have confidence in yourself woman! For the love of god believe in yourself and trust your life partner!

What do you think? Did this happen to you before?

Why I’ll Never Ever Write a Love Letter Again… EVER!

By | November 1, 2011

When I was packing my husband’s bags for 7ajj I had this overwhelming feeling of wanting to surprise him with something when he unpacks. I thought about stuffing the No3man dolly but then I was afraid No3man would decide to stay in Mecca and never want to come back. I thought about writing him a love letter, then I immediately remembered WHY I have sworn never to write the man a love letter again. As a matter of fact I have Read more »

10 Diet Ruining Irresistible Temptations

By | June 22, 2011

1- Breakfast at work. We do’t usually do breakfast at work with big gatherings and hoopla but it so happens that the first day of your diet always coincides with having breakfast at work. Which ruins the entire weekly plan :p

2- Cebu City Family Gatherings. You have been good all week. Then comes the weekend with your family gathering looming. You lecture your self and say you will eat two spoonfuls of this and than and nothing else. Then your mama’s hot apple cake is sitting there and it smells so good and you already ate the entire fattoush bowl at lunch and oopsy daisy you are tumbling out of the wagon into the abyss!

3- Food Ads and Brochures. Is it just my imagination that the day you start dieting those damn brochures appear out of no where on your door step and newspaper’boxes and even at your cars window with yummy pictures screaming eat me eat me I am a phone call away?

4- Living with a man. They just can’t stop eating, 24 hours, the most delicious food ever and they have testosterone to the rescue. What is a girl to do? Wear a blindfold?

5- Food gifts from abroad. If you receive a mountain f chocolate from Geneva or a carton of the latest flake from London, do you think it would wait four months for you to end your diet? Really? Yeah I didn’t think so either.

6- Celebratory Invitations. We celebrate by food. A’s birthday, B’s Graduation. C’s promotion. You go into a restaurant in the middle of the diet week, you try to stick to salad and water… they suddenly that gooey chocolate cake is in the middle and you take a bite and everything is ruined for you :(

7- Courses with Buffets. You go to a course without having breakfast. Then the break comes and you try to stick to your diet by looking at the buffet spread ahead of you. Luscious croissants, gleaming danish, golden samboosas. You try to resist then you realize you won’t have this buffet every day and your defenses crumble and in no time you are waving bye bye to your diet.

8- Twitter & Bog Posts. Well I am guilty as charged. Its just too damn hard to not crave something badly when the pictures are so graphic and the description says good and yummy. 7ram :'(

9- New Restaurants. It so happens that restaurants decide to bloom like mushrooms, one after the other, exactly when I start my diet. Everyone is talking about try restaurant X or Y. We are human after all, we say we need to try it to get it out of our system. Then you try it and your diet takes a suicidal jump out of the window.

10- Coming home after grocery shopping. What’s a dieting girl to do when she returns home to find her coffee table filled with all the forbidden goodies shown in the picture above? You can resist for a day or two waiting for them to vanish, but eventually your hands will betray you and grab a piece of chocolas with one hand while strangling the diet with the other.

What usually ruins your next Sunday’s diet plans?

Men, why don’t you hold open the car door for women?

By | May 29, 2011

Yesterday and for the first time since our marriage years, my husband “accidentally” opened the car door for me! I say accidentaly because I know his view on car door opening. Also, he didn’t keep the door open or close it. He kinda yanked it open by mistake thinking it was his door and then ran away to his own side of the car. Its a good thing he didn’t close the door before I got inside.

I remember a long time ago in some parking, we were waiting to park when we saw a nice young Q8i couple. The guy opened the door for his wife, waited for her to settle in, closed the door after her then went to his side of the car. Of course it took them forever to vacate the spot but his chivalry was touching -and macho FYI-.

So I asked my husband ‘Why don’t you open the car door for me?’ Y3ni at least for once in my life 3ad eshda3wa? His reply? ‘I will open the car door for you if you agree to take off my shoes and wash my feet daily!’.

For gods sake! Is opening the car door really that demeaning? Why? There is no need to do it on a daily basis but once in a blue moon is really touching and considerate? Is that the way the men look at door opening? It is some form of demeaning gesture that makes you less of a man and more of a maid? Is that why I had to hold open the door for that guy and his wife coming out of Johnny Rockets and the guy went out in all his glory with the wife trailing behind him while I opened the door, wanting to slam it in his face and knock some sense into his arrogant face?

Why? Why won’t you open the car doors? Let women know… because we women think its nothing but na7asa o la3ana from your part. Enlighten us with your perspective please!

Childhood in Q8 Means: Teyal (Marbles)

By | April 5, 2011

The other day my brother was having some work done in his bedroom so he emptied it out… i was passing by when i saw this metal box… Read more »

Recipe: Vegetarian Okra Stew (Maraq Bamiya) with Vermicelli Rice

By | March 26, 2011

Though I’m not a fan of Kuwaiti rice based dishes, maraq bamiya is a different story. Ever since I was a toddler I adored maraq bamiya. I always thought it was very hard to make until I tried it myself. Now whenever i long for maraq bamiya I make it and within one hour it’s ready on the table. It takes 20 minutes to make but 40 minutes to cook slowly on the stove o “yetsakar” so it would Read more »

Kuwaiti Classics: Mosalsal Ne9eeb

By | March 21, 2011

We used to call this series Lalala… and we LOVED it! It was shown in 1988 and we recorded it. We used to replay the episodes over and over again while we had our lunch or dinner…

It’s about a guy who loves an American girl while studying abroad. When he tells his parents that he wants to marry her after he returned home they refuse and they decide to force him into a marriage to a q8y girl. He gets married 3 times in the process and each wife is more hilarious than the next 😀

Do you remember lalala!?

Butootee’s 31st Birthday Cake…

By | February 27, 2011

Last week we celebrated Butoote’s 31st Birthday! He is ooooold 😀

Since there was just the two of us to celebrate, i passed by November’s Bakery on my way home from work. I selected a tiny red velvet cake covered with cream cheese and i asked them to write Happy Birthday on it… then we made some chai 7leeb with hail o z3fran and lit one candle only… the cake was GOOD! and it was so tiny and cute and more than enough to last two poeple for a week! I have captured it’s beauty in a series of photos below… check them out! Read more »

When did you stop receiving a 3ediya?!

By | November 18, 2010

Up until i got a job my grandparents gave me a 3ediya. Up until i got married my parents gave me a 3ediya. Now i have not seen a 3ediya since 2003 and i have to say 3eed is so much less fun when you don’t have bank notes blessing your wallets. Then again i felt a bit stupid walking to my grandparents and getting money when i am all grown up!

Do you still get a 3ediya? What time is the right time to stop getting a 3ediya? Did you miss getting a 3ediya?

Danderma The matchmaker?

By | November 8, 2010

I spy with my little blogging eye… a blogger and a bloggerrette with so much chemistry… they would be perfect for each other!

and since i know them both on personal level… my hands are twitching! I want to send them both an email asking them why won’t they consider getting serious and getting married? Social wise there should be no problem. Age wise and interest wise as well…

But then wouldn’t that be legafa from my side? How would you feel, my fellow blogger or my fellow bloggerette, if your good friend Danderma who knows you came and told you that you would be perfect with blogger X and that you should seriously think about getting married? Chemistry is there and Ages are right… so why wait? I want a palace in Heaven! It’s merely a nudge y3ni in your direction… nothing more nothing less… if it works it works… if it’s not ma3a alfe salama no damage done…

Shraykom? Do you think i should that matchmaking project? Would you feel ok if Danderma tenqeleb the q8y bloggers kha6aba 3la el beginnings of year 2011 o o starts matchmaking all around? Do you know any two bloggers that you think will be perfect together o wedkom tetlegefoon like me?

Would you eat this pasta?

By | February 23, 2010

My beloved husband Butootee is a very talented man… but cooking is not one of his traits… One day i was taking a nap and woke up because of a strange smell… i open my eyes to find the above plate of pasta, lovely unusual colors… but i did not think it looked good enough to eat so i didn’t… esp. after i saw the mess he made in the kitchen :S

Needless to say he was very disappointed and he moped around afterwards… Would you dare eat this pasta?

I, Cinderella…

By | June 3, 2009

I’m changing my nickname to Cinderella…!

Heck i might even apply for a change in my real name! What’s wrong with calling ur self cinderella if ur being treated like one?

In short… a girl, married to a Read more »

I'm Never Writing A Love Letter Again in my life… EVER!

By | May 8, 2009




OMG I’m sooo EMBARASSED … i don’t know where to hide my face!!!!

You see, during the end of 2008, my Butootee was going for a 3 day 3omra trip with a friend.

It was the first time he leaves me Read more »

U Hypocrite of a Woman!!!! People r MEAN!

By | March 11, 2009


Hypocricy and Prejudice Personified… That’s What u R…

Who do u think you are? No, really… who are u to treat me that way and ruin my already prolonged busy day!

Do i have no other worries in the world but You?

U want to know what happened?

I have been insulted. By a stupid hypocrite. Read more »