Visiting Kuwait as a Tourist – Places of Interest

By | October 8, 2012

To continue my post regarding what should a tourist in Kuwait do and visit when they arrive, this post is about what I think is the most popular places of interest in Kuwait. Not shopping  –previous post– and not restaurants and where to eat -upcoming post-.

Since I’m writing this post because one of my Twitter followers is visiting and asked my advice, I’m going to start the places of interest starting from Salmiya, where she would be staying in Missoni Hotel, outwards.

Places of Interest in Kuwait:

  • Kuwait Scientific Center and The Aquarium: One of my favorite places in Kuwait located right across the street from Misonni Hotel. Outside KSC there is a long pleasant walkway which is perfect for a quite long walk in the evening or when the weather is good. Inside, there is the IMAX movie screen, the Aquarium where you walk around and can sit and watch the sharks, the discovery place area with scientific games and activities that are loads of fun even for grown ups (post). For more information and for online tickets you can check their website (link).
  • Dishnā AS Marine Museum and The Hashemi II: Located in Radisson SAS Hotel, Al-Bidaa, Al-Hashemi wooden dhow is one of the biggest wooden dhows in the world and made it to the Guinesses book of records. Inside, there is a very interesting marine museum and gift shop. For more information you can check their websites (link).
  • Beit Luthan: One of the oldest and very distinguished art and talents center in Kuwait, Beit Luthan provides a different range of classes and lessons -photography, piano, etc- . There are also different events and exhibitions throughout the years plus a gift shop showcasing many local creations you can get as unique souvenirs. For more information you can check their website (link).
  • Al-Mubarkiya: A walk around the traditional Kuwaiti Souq, Al-Mubarkiya, is always a treat on its own (post). I prefer sleepy Saturday mornings where I’d stop there for breakfast then walk around on foot, buying bukhoor, perfumes, gold, spices, fresh produce, and the likes. A place worth checking out is Beit Ahmad which sells great modern pieces with a traditional touch. Sadly you will have to ask for its location but if it helps, its located near Shater Abbas restaurant.
  • Sheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah’s Kiosk: The oldest building in Kuwait is located in the heart of Mubarakiya, once the ruling quarters of Sheikh Mubarak Al-Kabeer. The kiost was recently restored and renovated and now includes a little exhibition especially of old books and a small pharmacy that used to be there. For more information you can check this website (link).
  • Sadu House: A renovated traditional house dedicated to preserve the art of Sadu Weaving, Sadu being the Textile of the Nomadic Bedouins. Sadu classes, workshops, afternoon tea, and of course there is always the gift shop for some Sadu products as souveniers. I’ve been there for an exhibition once and loved the place (post). For more information you can check their website (link).
  • Americani Cultural Center: The building that belonged to one of the oldest Hospitals in Kuwait, The Americani Hospital, is now preserved and renovated as a cultural center with many activities, display, and events usually arranged by Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiya. DAI also provide various cultural activities, shows, and exhibitions throughout the year. I’ve been to one of the DAI exhibitions before in The Americani and had the time of my life (post) (post). For more information and for a list of events taking place by DAI you can check this (link).
  • Dar Al-Funoon: An art gallery in Kuwait located in the small yet gorgeously preserved old Behbehani Houses area in Kuwait City. I’ve recently attended Alwan exhibition there and I liked the place very much  (post). For more information on events and shows you can check their website (link).
  • The Historical & Vintage Cars museum: A small yet spectacular display of vintage cars, some of which were renovated, on display. Totally worth checking out (post). For more information and opening hours you can check their website (link).
  • Gallery Tilal: A gallery for contemporary art in Tilal Malls, Shuwaikh where many exhibitions and events take place showcasing the talents of Kuwaiti artists. For more information and for the events schedule you can check their website (link).
  • Contemporary Art Platform: The Newest art lovers destination in Kuwait. Located in Shuwaikh and houses place in Kuwait that houses artistic displays alongside workshops and documentary film viewings. For more information and events schedule you can check their website (link).
  • Tareq Rajab Museum:  An interesting exhibition of various historical Islamic artifcats and Islamic Calligraphy. The museum is located in Jarbiya and is worth a visit. For more information you can check this (link).
  • Al-Qurain’s Martyrs House: 21 Years ago a feirce battle took place in this house in the Qurain residential area between a group of Kuwaiti resistance fighter and Iraqi troops during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990. After a long night of battle, the house was all but destroyed and is still standing, as is, as a museum and a symbol for Kuwaiti’s fight for our freedom. For more information you can check this link (post).
  • Sahara Golf Resort: If the weather permits and you fancy a bit of golf, you might want to stop by Sahara for an outdoorsy fun game. For more information you can check this (link).
  • The Shooting Range: Want to shoot a few bullets maybe? The Shooting range is close by Sahara Golf Resort. Take some identification, choose your gun or rifle, and try to shoot a bulls eye like I did (post). For more information you can check this link (link).
  • The Flight Simulator: Located in 360 mall, a real life flight simulator like the one used to train pilots is available for normal people like us. You can fly a plane, land and take off in the airport of your choice, and even train to become a pilot if you want to -or so I’ve been told-. For more information you can check this (link)


Those places of interest are the ones I know of, visited myself, liked, and I know are still open to the public. If you know of a place worth visiting or a new place that I’ve missed please do share. Thank you :)

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