10 Things I want to Do before the End of 2012

By | September 18, 2012

  1. Re-publish Dathra book 1: edited, proofread, and with the new cover.
  2. Find out more outlets to sell both Dathra books together once the 1st is republished.
  3. Join a photography class or two. Find out if I have any photography potential.
  4. Finish working on the last room of the apartment filled with junk and unopened boxes.
  5. Use the thing I got 9 months ago to teach me how to play the piano.
  6. Lose 5 kilos. Just 5. Not so much to ask, no?
  7. Paint the things I want to paint and see if they turn out OK or not. Fingers crossed.
  8. Go back to the dentist. Go back to the dentist. Go back to the dentists. Work on my teeth is not done yet. Hate dentists. Go back to the dentists. Must be brave.
  9. Be more active. Either take a daily walk or join some gym. Maybe a dance class or I’d buy a bicycle like everyone seems to be doing around me. Tempting.
  10. Sleep. I’ve lost the ability to sleep like a normal person in reasonable hours. I think the activity/gym might help me out there.

Well, these thought’s have been going round and round on my mind recently and they are things I really want to do and ASAP. I will check this post again in 1 January 2013 insha2 Allah o see if I did indeed accomplish anything on it. What about you? Do you have anything you want to accomplish before the end of the year? Please do share if you do, maybe I’d get some inspiration :)

Ten Things I Hate About Kuwaiti Exhibitions

By | April 23, 2012

buy Latuda for dogs online 1- The Salamat: The cause of 90% of the crowding in any expo! Two women with their entourage meet in the middle of the narrow aisle and start kissing and saying hello and exchanging the gist of their past 25 years since they’ve last met while people are trying to walk around them to no avail. You have to wait until they are done. Plus, try and talk to a seller for a complete 5 minutes. You can’t because at every minute and so she will stop, say hello, and chat for a while, then come back and you have to explain what you want all over again. Urrghhh!

http://taltybaptistchurch.org/events/2023-03-15/?outlook-ical=1 2- The Babies: You know an exhibition is already crowded with stampeding women. Why on earth would you bring kokash yahal with you? Its hard enough trying to walk between all these women let alone push your baby in his pram. Also, why do you need two maids for one child? Pushing and shoving the crowds so the baby is safe and unscathed? Can’t the two maids entertain him somewhere else? Bs kafi elnafas on the poor child!

3- Elseller Elmayga: She sits there displaying her stuff but she looks at the crowds with the aloofness of a queen. Whenever you approach and try to make eye contact she pouts, fishes her phone, and pretends to be distracted. Erm why are you here then if you don’t want to sell to customers or interact with them?

4- Eldewaniya Booth: Some sellers will invite their friends and/or family over. Gather inside the booth and turn it into a mini dewaniya: sowalif o 7abb o chai. If you say “law sama7tay” they all stop talking, turn their heads over to you slowly with killer looks, how dare you interrupt their “salfa”. Elsharha mo 3lekom, el sharha 3lay ele bashtere minkom.

5- The Recycler: She buys stuff from all around Kuwait, IKEA for example, knit a crochet net on top of it, and sell it for 10 times its original value! We know it’s available in IKEA for 1 KD! Or a piece of cardboard thay you cut as a door handle and you can do in your local markaz 6ba3a for 10 KD!!! Eshda3wa! I’m all for supporting creative business but some things are just too much.

6- The ATM: Given that we have one million exhibitions held in Kuwait already I wonder why they don’t facilitate payment by Knet or a one stop payment or something. The ATM line is always too long on the lone ATM machine! Maybe they can have a service where they collect your purchases to a collection point where you pay before you exit and take the bags at once. That way you don’t have to carry your bags around b3d, mo?

7- Elmalgoofa: She is a fellow customer who has no respect whatsoever to the conversation you are barely having with the seller. You would be talking and she would interrupt “law sama7tay law sama7tay hatha shinooo” or “ebchaaaam” or 3adi jedan she acts be 9amt but she grabs whatever you are holding or whatever you are standing next to. Why the hell don’t you wait your turn like I’ve waited mine? I always let them get their way because otherwise I’d make a scene and quite possible strangle elmalgoofa ele ma ta9ber!

8- ElMo7aqeq: She stands by your side patiently waiting her turn, thank god for that, but then she kills the time by holding a mini interrogation session: Sheybe3oon? 7elween moo? Esh sharya? Entay min bentah? Metzawja? 3ndich e3yal? Wain teshta’3lain? Dasha ma3rath ana wella ta7qeeq? Esh hal legafa intay b3d? Wallah 7reem elQ8 could do well working as interrogators!

9- The Stinky Booth: Elnass yayeen embakhereen em3adeleen emzahlegeen, o 7arr, o crowds, o khanga, o you pass by some food booth that cooks the food by the fryer or 7ameesa or displays something so smelly “fish?” that your eyes water and you curse yourself for passing by. Can’t you have done your cooking at home or operated an delivery business mathalan? 9oba’3na!

10- The Parking: Elmoshkila el azaliya everywhere in Kuwait. There is no parking when you try to get in. When you do find a parking you spend an hour trying to get out of the expo. If you go with Valet parking they take one hour to get your car while you are standing there in the lovely weather with your purchases and heels if you are wearing them. Mako fayda :(

What about you? What do you hate about the exhibitions in Kuwait?

10 TV Moments that instantly kick start my food cravings

By | April 10, 2012

1- Soup in the Anime or 7asa2 as they said in our cartoons! You remember how they always sat in front of big bowls of some yellow soup with bobbing bits of thingies on them? Whenever I see them Read more »

Ten Types of Drivers you Encounter on the Streets of Kuwait

By | March 29, 2012

1- The vain driver: They cannot stop looking at themselves in the mirror. A comb will come out to fix a stray hair, a kohl pen to pop the eyes even more. Then suddenly the iPhone is whipped out and click click it goes taking pictures of them pouting or posing because their beauty at that moment cannot go undocumented. People are free to do so of course but we would appreciate it if you weren’t driving on the highway while your tending to your beauty!

2- The good driver: or the ones who want to be a good driver but they don’t know how. They drive too slowly. They seem too scared to change lanes so they must flash their signals 10 minutes before they want to turn or move. For some unfathomable reason they always, always, ALWAYS drive on the fastest lane? For the love of god, WHY!

3- The kings of the road: They will use the safety lane to cut you off. They will overtake your space in a U-turn or in a traffic light demanding to pass. They will drive in the middle of two lanes as long as they want and don’t you DARE honk your horn at them. After all they own the road as far as they are concerned.

4- The Casanova: Mostly seen on 2nd ring road or Gulf road. This guy is god’s gift to women therefore we must all drive slowly and wait for him to block the road driving next to a poor girl driver trying to get away from him while he tries to convince her he loves her and wants to marry her if she would only take his number. Shakhbary! Grow up!

5- El7ajjeya: women my grandmother’s age who love to drive a Yukon chock full of kids, help, and grocery shopping. She is always hassled because of the one thousand requests that fall on her poor head. She also, sadly, doesn’t know how to drive that Yukon so if you spot her on the street, steer clear of her path!

6- Elshayeb: he would be a proud old man, well over the age of 80 with a license that expired 50 years ago, and can barely see so he leans all the way on his steering wheel and squints. Of course he walks all over the road in whatever fashion he feels like it o fekom khair honk your horn at him. El9aber zain.

7- The Jerk: ykoon la3eeeeeen. He would be driving slowly and you want to change lanes because of him, but suddenly he picks up speed so you wouldn’t go before him. Or you would signal you want to turn and suddenly he decides he wants to take his time on the road -or speed- elmohim that you don’t accomplish your goal.  Happened to me too many times lel asaf. I wonder how miserable their lives must be w3liya.

8- The labor worker: he would have a tiny run down dusty car filled to the brim with tired and sad looking fellow labor workers. There are just too many of them in the car and you can tell because the body of the car is almost scraping the pavement. Of course he must go very slowly. What is not fathomable how ever is why they insist on driving on the fastest lane? Why not on the slow lane where they can spend one hour crossing a bridge?

9- The Taxi: the ones that pick up people whenever and wherever the situation allows. They are always driving super slowly because they are browsing the streets looking for potential customers. They wouldn’t mind breaking and stopping suddenly in the middle of the highway if they thought a potential customer would come along and even if they are occupied, they would still drive super slowly and never, ever, in the slow lane. If only we could get rid of those taxis then half of the congestion in the Kuwaiti roads would clear up. Hmph.

10- Elma6yoor: He is always in a hurry, always driving 160 KM/H, and seems to have misplaced his brakes. It doesn’t matter if the road is blocked up and there is no where to go, he would still be driving too fast and expecting you to either move out of his way or keep up. He is a potential accident waiting to happen and you can see him a mile away. Keep his path clear because, god forbid you delay him, he has no trouble running you over on his quest of madness.

Do you have anymore categorizations for the drivers you see on our streets?

10 Things I hate About Elections Day

By | February 2, 2012

1- Even though the elections are held in schools there is absolutely no where to park because the school parking is sealed off! Laish y3ni? Not everyone can afford a driver you know!

2- The crowds! Especially given that elections happen inside schools. The way these women fight to enter the election room in that school vividly takes me back to maq9af fighting days. No respect for a queue whatsoever and they demand political reform. 3aib Wallah.

3- Elsha66a elzayda in the women or girls who come up to you as you are going to the elections room and they scream “Flan Al-Flany remember haa” or “3lanata el3lantany mo tensain!” EXCUSE ME!? Do you think that I came to the elections center without thinking about who to elect? Do you think that because you, a complete stranger, reminded me of the existence of someone in the elections that I will vote for him or her? Leave me alone! For the love of god leave me alone and go harass someone else! Wj3!

4- El emkhozar. I don’t get why I need to get dressed up to vote especially given I will be waiting a long time on my feet. I know khezny o akhezik is Kuwaiti’s favorite activity but can’t you for one day in your life control yourselves and realize elections doesn’t really need to be accessorized with loubies and berkins?5-

5- Searching for raqam elqaid! I dont remember what that is, I got so nervous at the thought of having to memorize it I almost forgot it!

6- The hushy hush feeling inside the elections room. I always get nervous and scared whenever I am inside. I always feel like I will do something terribly wrong. Madry laish?

7- When you are handed the paper, the names are all printed out closely together and you suddenly lose the gifts of sight and memory. Last time I had trouble finding the people I was voting for

8- This year they had chipped wooden chairs for us to sit on while waiting our turn. Whenever someone goes inside we all had to slide down musical chairs style. If you are not careful your beautiful knit cos blouse will catch on the shards of the chair and bye bye blouse!!!

9- When you are done and while you are walking out no one talks to you, no one looks at you and no one even offers you a cup of water! Masra3 ma nesaytona!

10- In the next few months when you read the newspapers and realize that you did nothing at all to change our politics and therefore our future. That you’ve been fed long and wide dreams and that nothing is going to change.That is the worst thing about the elections ever :(

10 Things that Happen to you When you Dine Outdoors in Kuwait

By | January 30, 2012

1- Its always either abnormally cold or melting hot. Even if you wear everything in the cupboard you would want to sit next to the heater. Sadly every place has one of those tall pyramid heaters with the tall flame that looks very pretty but emit absolutely no heat.

2- If you manage to wear your fur, you sit down and you are attacked by hordes of flies! Small or big, buzzing near your hands, food, phone, you name it. After a while you either ignore them or just move inside. You need a Pif Paf.

3- You feel warm, no flies around, you are eating an suddenly a furry thing passes by your leg. You jump up in the air when you realize its a stray cat. O yarba b3d. You shoo her but she just stares at you defiantly and she mews b3d. She is shooed again and again, only to circle the block and come back to haunt your table. Why are there so many strays in Kuwait? Once a stray dog attacked us in spoons b3d!

4- No cat? Then a zarzoor 7alay would do the job! He will jump to your table, we9 we9ing y3ni I am cute feed me. You shoo him away and he doesn’t fly! Courageous little things that just won’t leave you to your meal!

5- If its cold and the waiters don’t feel like going back and forth they will keep asking you if you change your mind and want to go inside. “Are you sure ma’am?” “Inside ma’am?” “Are you sure ma’am?”.

6- Your meal finally arrives, only for the wind to start blowing at that exact same moment to haul everything off the tables. You must have some weight to place on every item being used or else it will fly away.

7- Someone from the table besides you after finishing his meal decides to have his daily treat of cigarettes, thus blowing the smoke in your direction and choking you. It is OK for him to eat and finish in peace but for others they have to suffer his smoke. G63.

8- You are just about to dig into your meal when a poor child with something to sell approaches you and looks at your food with big sad eyes then thrusts whatever he is selling at you demanding you buy it. A 1 KD for a bag of stale 7abb shamsi mathalan or a 5 KD for a tiny smelly car air freshner!

9- If it gets a little crowded and women begin waiting for a seat they love to stand on your head while you are eating. Huffing and puffing and giving you the eye inah yallah gomaw. Etha ma3ahom an older lady mako moshkila she grabs a chair from your table and sit y3ni waiting and guilting you into finishing and getting out of there.

10- Number ten is for you. What makes you rue the day you decided to dine outside in a restaurant in Kuwait?

Ten Things I Cannot Stand About Air Planes

By | December 31, 2011

1- The odor! Its like being wrapped like a mummy in bandages made of cheap wet wipes for hours on end!
2- The reclining  seat in front of you that suddenly blocks your airway when the person occupying it decides he wants to be comfortable.
3- The tiny bathrooms with the noisiest flush on earth that scares the hell out of you and the sneaky door locks that I can never figure out.
4- The fact that there are no trash bins and you are stuck with your own trash for the entire journey g63.
5- Babies screaming bloody murder in every single flight that takes off on planet earth. Can’t there be a baby free flight? Or seats or zones?
6- The seat trays! Useful yes but the plastic used to make them is ugly and if they are dirty they would be so disgusting you just want to kill your self!
7- Turbulences. They scare me. They always happen and when they do I am almost reduced to the point where my entire life plays in front of my eyes. I hate them.
8- The annoying safety videos played in the very beginning which you must pay attention complete with the emergency exit signs. We have them memorized by heart! And frankly after watching LOST I doubt anyone would be organized in case of emergency!
9- When you order a vegetarian meal and they mistake you for a goat and fill your tray with every kind of unidentifiable green produce available to munch on! What’s wrong with Spaghetti and tomato sauce?
10- When your watching a movie, if you are lucky to have your entertainment screen working that is, and they keep interrupting the program to announce something over and over again in every spoken language known to man kind on planet earth until you forget what you were watching all together and the whole movie is ruined for you!

May god help me for I am boarding a plane back home tonight. Happy new year every one. See you tomorrow back home insah2 Allah 😀

Top 10 Perfect Cups of Hot Chocolate in Kuwait

By | November 28, 2011

Finding a decent cup of hot chocolate in Kuwait is not an easy task especially for someone who is as crazy about hot chocolate as yours truly. However I have compiled a list of the best 10 perfect hot chocolate cups you may find in Kuwait. There is nothing better in this weather than a perfect cup of hot chocolate while sitting outdoors.

1- Milk’s Hot Chocolate Dippers in Milk Chocolate flavor. The skimmed milk cup is HUGE and you can drink and drink and drink and enjoy to the max. The dippers are available for take away too!

2- Pick’s Hot Chocolate. Very very VERY good! A must try. My current 2nd favorite.

3- Starbucks Hot Chocolate. If and only if ordered while sitting in, in their cup, topped with whipped cream. Stir the whipped cream until developed in the cup and drink. Otherwise don’t bother!

4- Chocolate Bar’s Skinny Spanish hot chocolate. The Spanish comes with orange zest which I adore but you can order the Mexican or the plain Milk.

5- Godiva’s Hot Chocolate. It tastes better in the UK of course but its not bad at all in Kuwait.

6- Paul’s Hot Chocolate.

8- KDD’s Milk Chocolate. Heat it in the microwave for a minute, sprinkle mini marshmallows on top, and enjoy! Perfection.

8- McDonald’s Hot Chocolate! Brings back some very fond memories of college of Engineering breakfast <3

9- Le Pan’s Hot Chocolate. The flavor is not the best but the way you drink it, Heidi style, is the most fun in Kuwait especially with a scrumptious bread basket. Quite an experience.

10- Still contemplating position number 10 so I will keep it open for you guys to share and I will go try them out and see! What do you recommend?

10 Words That I Cannot Stand…

By | November 28, 2011

Fee Kalemat min asm3ha or agraha I get a mini nervous break down. 99% of people use it, like it, and think nothing of it. Keifkom of course I am just stating that these are words that get on my nerves when I encounter them.

1- 9a3roora. Otherwise known as a bump on the head. It makes me visualize a balloon filled with puss that is about to burst at any moment.

2- Na63a. I always imagine it with a smack of the lips. Ma a7ebha! 7arf el6a2 ma3a el3ain wayed ethqaal feha!

3- 3an jadd. I don’t mind it much when ra’3eb 3lama sings it. I hate it o cannot stand it when its used in a Kuwaiti jomla. 7alat.ha used by ahal el sham only!

4- Fedaitik/Fedaitich. Still around, still being used, still thaqelat 6eena. Ya rait people move on to another habba word ya rait!

5- 9aba7oo. 9aba7oo shino b3d? Min a7ad ygool 9ba7oo wedi at.hawash wyah!

6- Ambaih. Especially if said by a fake daloo3a! Yobooooy!

7- Foogah. Foog what exactly? Shelle foogah b3d? Qatheetha!

8- Chillaxing. Kills me. I don’t know what is it about the word that makes me go crazy but it does. Ma a7ebha!

9- Qaz Baz. A q8y name for some medical condition. I always visualize the blue gaz tank and smell H2SO4 whenever I hear it. Urgh!

10- Ta’3reeda. I want to rip my hair out whenever I listen to someone refer to a tweet by ta’3reeda or to a tweep by mo’3ared. Wayed heligiya eb9ara7a, mo eshwaya!

10 Things you Should Never Say to a Woman

By | October 19, 2011

1- “Are you pregnant/when is your due date?” If you don’t know for a fact that a woman is pregnant or you are an Airline check In employee then don’t assume it. She could be just a bit too fat in the abdomen area and a comment like that could incur her wrath.

2- “You are old” Never ever utter the words: Old, Kebeera, Akbar min, Kobartay. Especially if you are joking. Getting older is not a joking matter for women. Use the word in comparision with a another younger female and you have just signed your own death certificate. If you are unwilling to say young, then don’t say anything.

3- “Flana is 7elwa/Jameela/Rasheeqa/3jeeba” especially if you are saying it to your wife, unless you complete the sentence with “bs entay a7la/ath3af”. Otherwise it would look like an indirect insult to her own beauty/figure/intelligence. Do not compare other women with your woman if you want to keep her hers.

4- “Is it that time of the month?” Especially if you are having a discussion or a fight. It translates to: You are acting crazy because of your hormones, you are not normal while I, the man, am normal. Do not under any circumstances throw that line in a woman’s face. 3aib.

5- “There is no need for dessert” If you are in a restaurant and you decline dessert without checking with the woman first, its double trouble: 1- You would look cheap and 2- It might mean that she should skip dessert because she has gained weight recently. Sometimes we secretly want you to order dessert so we can steal a bite and feel the thrill of a guilt. Not always though. Learn how to read your woman’s signals.

6- “Get to the point” When your woman is telling a story, she is telling it as a woman which means it includes a LOT of details. If you are not in the mood to listen to her story then simply stop her before she starts or pretend to listen and nod in the right intervals. DO NOT interrupt her in the middle of her story saying “B3dain? Get to the Point? Ekhta9ray?” It will hurt her deeply, her eyes will fill with tears o her booz will be 2 metres long. Let her finish if you let her start.

7- “Don’t you have the same thing at home?” If you are shopping with a woman chances are you are already a nuisance on her trip. If she picks something don’t perk up and say “You have the same you don’t need it”. Women know what they have at home and the thing she picked up is different in her eyes! 3n el legafa!

8- “R you sure you don’t need a bigger size?” Again, while shopping, and the woman asks for a medium or a size 30 shoes, la etno6. A woman knows her size exactly, and has her reasons for buying something different. Again, 3n el legafa if you want to avoid a scorn and a fight. You’ve been warned.

9-  “Entay Eshfahemach Fi…” Women give their ideas and try to help out. If they give out advice even if its a totally ridiculous one do not shoot her down and insult her intelligence. Supress your mocking laugh and gently point out why her idea wouldn’t work. 3n el tefelsef, we know you are supreme begins who know all about everything, you just don’t have to hurt our feelings while you remind us.

10- “You look *pause* different” You might as well have said you look ugly. As a matter of fact, never EVER say anything about her looks unless you are planning to complement her like You look gorgeous mathalan. Anything else you should drop it, especially if you are on your way out or if the woman is sick/tired/having a bad day. There is no worse insult to a woman than insulting her looks, its equivalent to insulting your manhood.

Girls, do you have anything to add?

10 Things That Never Go Out of Style in Kuwait

By | October 12, 2011

1- Hamburgers! In the 70’s and 80’s it was all wimpy, hardeez, and hungry bunny, in the 90’s it was Mcdonald’s, fuddruckers, Burger King, and Johhny Rockets. In the 2000’s we first had the locals B+F, Burger Hub, and Slider Station and now the new burger franchises which keep on coming and coming! Get a Burger franchise and you will be rich :)

2- Henna! No matter how many new beauty products and hair friendly dyes are invented. No matter how many hair treatments are used. The disgusting 7enna is still a favorite amongst Kuwaiti women! Its messy, it smells really bad, it gives your hair an orange hue, is impossible to wash out, and makes your hair as dry as a witche’s broomstick! Yet women still use it! Why? Beyond me!

3- The 3baya! Even though it evolved from a 3bat raas to 3baya islamiya and gotten all jiggy with tons of crystals but the black fabric is here to stay. I personally a7eb 3bat el raas. Reminds me of the 80’s jam3iya Look: Farg 3adel, Big Sunglasses, 3bat raas on the shoulders, an Egyptian dara3a in a vibrant color, and a wooden gobgab! Classic!

4- Mesabee7! No matter what era we are in, our men will always have an expensive mesba7 flying around in their arms. Not necessarily for prayers per say but its a must have acceossory. Now, cham wa7ed fekom inbag mesba7ah el kahrab bel dewaniya?

5- Bukhoor <3 La Jo Malone wala Air wick. Foggy bukhoor with its oriental scent always win <3

6- Bye Bye London Play! Almost 90% of the Kuwaiti population have seen it and those who haven’t will have to see it because we still rave about it and laugh over it and use its names and phrases as quotes.

7- Pizza Qay9ar! The ultimate celebration food! Until this day I manage to find a plate of pizza Qay9ar in gatherings and buffets. Never ever goes out of style 😀

8- Ke7el elhnood. Even though there are a million posh brands of expensive makeup out there, the best most used Kohl pen is the one sold in the little Indian stalls in traditional souks. You can buy a dozen with the price of one Estee Lauder Kohl pen and they will give you the blackest best kohl rimmed eyes you’ve ever drawn.

9- Banak! No matter how many new munchies are invented and out every day, people would still buy banak from the guy 3nd el dowwar. Still block the traffic and buy a clear bag filled with salty little fellas that can break your teeth into two. No matter how many times you explain how banak is made, it is still bought and consumed when in season. Not a fan, ashwa!

10- Leggings! The fashion world has already left them behind, yet the Kuwaiti women still use them excessively! The fatter and more voluptuous the woman the more fond she is of leggings. They are using white and flesh colored ones b3d with really short tops and you have a live demonstration of the girl’s jiggle test result as she walks around. Araf! Bs 3ad! El Ra7ma!

What else do you think that would never go out of style in Kuwait?

10 Guilty Comfort Food Combinations of Mine

By | September 18, 2011

1- A bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk with Walnuts and a bottle of water. I would take a mouthful of chocolate then a swig of water. Its amazing.

2- French fries, fat and homemade. Stuffed inside two pieces of toast and drenched with ketchup. Its the best sandwich ever and I only have it if I am really really sad or really down and need a pick me up cause its dangerously addictive.

3- If I want to pig out I would go and buy my self a falafel sandwich, preferably inside a round white bread, with a cocktail juice. Very 80’s meal, very nostalgic, very fattening!

4- White cheese fatayer with Orange Sunkist juice in the white plastic cup. Just the way we ate it when we were kids at school. Very hard to find good white cheese fatayer now a days though.

5- Americana chocolate Swiss rolls with KDD mango juice. Reminds me of the 80’s Fridays spent watching 7kayat 3alamiya. That was a favorite snack of mine back then .

6- If I’m happy I eat. My best celebratory meal is walking into a Godiva chocolatier and buying my self a big box of carefully selected chocolate pieces. Then I would go home, get some black coffee, wrap up on my couch and savor the box, one piece at a time. Yum!

7- Strawberries with canned whipped cream. Like the ones I have in London every other time I visit. Its just so good!

8- Every once in 3 or 4 years I get a packet of Cream Chantilly, whisk it according to directions, then empty a small can of tinned mixed fruits and eat it. Of course the Cream Chantilly will have leftovers so I would eat that with a spoon <3

9- There is this drink in Starbucks, the frappucino with chocolate chips inside. I usually order a coffee frappucino or a caramel frappucino with coffee, no whip and tall. But if I want to indulge I would order a tall Chocolate Chip frappucino with whipped cream and extra shot of coffee. Haven’t done that in a long time though.

10- Plain Spaghetti!  This is what I allow myself to eat when I am very sick with the flu. Boil PLENTY of Spaghetti, then sprinkle salt on the strands and eat them alone. Believe it or not they taste even better than Spaghetti with sauce.

What are your guilty comfort food combinations?

10 Nemayen We Always Find in Every Ramadan Series

By | August 21, 2011

1- Lazim a couple can’t get kids and they hide that fact from each other and either want to marry another woman or want to have the woman leave by treating her badly.

2- Lazim fee a poor bad father who is abusive and hits his wife and kids 24/7. They all live in an old house with a 7oosh.

3- Lazim fee a submissive wife for the father in #2 who will say nothing and won’t stand up to the father’s abuse.

4- Lazim fee a handicapped person. Either they become handicapped or they are born handicapped. They are always the best most angelic person in the series. Parkinsosn and MS are very popular diseases now adays.

5- Lazim fee a crazy jealous wife or husband who follows their partner 24 hours and turn their lives into hell.

6- For the jealous partner #5 they must be matched with an angelic overly patient loving partner who would take the abuse gladly and repeatedly announce “I love you I love you” and doesn’t have enough dignity to leave. Especially the wife when the husband is repeatedly accusing her of having an affair. Mako karama?

7- There used to be a cheating husband. Now its either a cheating husband or a cheating wife having an affair or both. Must keep it modern and match the tempo of the world.

8- Lazim fee a kid who is lost or abandoned or orphaned and people take pity on him and try and raise him. Someone should always yell within his earshot that he is a burden and must be left to die in the street or something so we would shed a tear or two. Ele ysm3 ygool el yahal grow on trees!

9- These days lazim fee someone ey3areth wayha o yetsalaf floos. Most likely they get turned down rather rudely and they won’t utter a word to defend themselves. 100 KD is a popular salaf amount by the way.

10- Lazim khala om rayel kawliya o most likely she is a widow excessively using the term ebgara now adays. Laish inzain mako 3am obo rayel or obo mara moz3ej or eybared el chabd? ta’3yeer y3ni? Malaina!

10 Things that Doesn’t Make Sense in Mosalsalat Ramadan 1432

By | August 13, 2011

1- Profanities! Malat 3leech/3leek, chalb, etc.! When did it become OK to use so many profanities in the shows? 3aib 3lekom! A bit more class please.

2- Bgara! Every mother in law calls her channa Bgara! Are there women who call their channa’s bgara and they don’t even retaliate? Nor they neither their husbands? Wain ga3deen? It is not OK for a mother in law to call her channa any name, period.

3- Speaking of mothers in law, in two serieses the channa is actually the daughter of the sister of the mother in law. You would think there is a better way for aunts to treat their channa/nephew in this society. Ay shay mo?

4- Eating! Throughout the episode they eat lunch 500 times! Ma9arat! Don’t we have any other activities in Kuwait to show for besides eating lunch?

5- Lunch is always machboos dyay. Every single mosalsal, every single lunch, its machboos dyay! Mako shay thani we eat? Maid? 9boor? M6abag Zbaidi? Marag Bamiya? Machboos la7am inzain? Min kither makalaw machboos dyay I began craving it over futoor!!!

6- In more than one series wives must feed their husbands while they are eating lunch. Every single meal. the mother in law would be watching and BAM she goes off in a fit of profanities! I never feel the urge to feed my husband, the love of my life, while we are eating lunch and if I do I wouldn’t do it in front of my parents o ana atga9a3! Wain ga3deen? Is it just me?

7- Maram is always a jealous wife o elsan.ha metbaaree minha, and the husband bends backwards to prove his never dying love to her! Erm Maram what’s your secret?

8- The excessive emphasis on money is just ridiculous! In every mosalsal there is one millionaire who people want to suck up to and the rest of the cast are poor and look for ways to exploit money off their millionaire relative. Ma 9arat!

9- Every millionaire is mean, rude, and spitting profanities all the time especially when poor relatives who are angels walking on earth ask for money. Also, the poor people seem to have no dignity at all, they take the abuse, bow their heads, and keep on as if nothing is wrong! Laish 3la Allah?

10- Every cool guy is hugging the phone at night whispering with his beloved girl. Don’t you know that people now a days use facebook, twitter, BBM, and other types of media to communicate? Le meta ey’3azloon bel telephone ballah?

10 things I never do in Ramadan

By | July 29, 2011

1- I don’t search for, buy, or wear a Dara3a. Period.

2- I don’t eat Tashreeba. Ever. Or dates, harees, or yereesh, or 9ab elgafsha, or eggs because they make me sick.

3- I don’t drink vimto! Abdan malah da3ee. Same for Jellab, or Qamar Deen, or 3erq soos.

4- For some reason I cannot stand watching anything foreign in Ramadan, no movies or serieses and no cinema! ER is an exception though, don’t ask me why!

5- I do NOT get out of my home, under any circumenstanes, to have futoor outside, whether a relative’s house or a restaurants. De3la.

6- I never, ever, went out for gerge3an as a child. Never grabbed a bag and knocked on neighbours houses and sang for a few stale chocolates. I guess its a bit too late now :p

7- Never go walking in the mamsha or exercise before futoor. Tried it once and almost died from dehydration.

8- Never eat before I pray. I drink water, then pray, then I feel free to eat and relax without worrying about prayers or getting up from my chair for that matter.

9- I never travel during Ramadan. The last day travelling for eid purposes I would do though, but never during.

10- I could never go to sleep then wakeup to have su7oor. Etloo3 chabdi. I always have an early su7oor, the latest is 2 AM, then go to bed o khala9.

What 10 things you don’t do in Ramadan? 6uqooskom?