Announcement: Trying LoFat’s Vegetarian Diet Menu for 30 Days

By | December 13, 2012


LoFat offered me a thirty days trial of their new vegetarian diet menu in exchange to posting about my experince on the blog. I’ve tried LoFat diet for while in 2011 and liked their food alot but their menu wasn’t customized to a vegetarian lifestyle so I had to make the vegetarian choices myself. This time however they have a new menu dedicated solely to vegetarians taking into account the lack of protein in their diet.

Therefore, for the next thirty days on my blog I will be posting about my daily balanced vegetarian diet food from LoFat.. I will take pictures and post on daily basis a summary of my meals of the day which will include my honest  comments on how the food/portion/service was. I will also compare it to my previous experience whenever I retry a dish I’ve tried before.

A very important desclaimer to take into account: I will not be paid for the reviews. I never review anything on my blog in exchange for money, period. The LoFat meals however are free of charge of course since they’ve approached me and not vice versa.

So if you are interested, the next thirty days will have a daily post on my LoFat vegetarian meal experience. One thing I know for sure is that a vegetarian lifestyle is finally getting attention and having their own dedicated menu instead of having dietitians sigh, scratch their heads, and halfheartedly try to accomodate your bizzare diet choices. I wonder if vegans are next!

LoFat’s vegetarian diet menu was delivered to my house, I made my choices for the next two weeks, and my first post on the diet will be tommorow. If you have any questions/complaints/comments/suggestions you are more than welcome to share and comment.

To learn more about LoFat’s diet menu plans you can call them 22250650 on ,check their website (link), like their facebook page (link), follow them on Twitter (@LoFatGroup), or instagram (@LoFatGroup).

Pizzetta and Prime & Toast’s Advantage Card

By | November 13, 2012

Well, apparently some wishes do come true! I’ve been wishing that we have more advantage and loyalty cards for various shops and restaurants in Kuwait (post) (post) and a few days ago my wish came true in the form of a Read more »

Review: Blodry Bar Express Hair Blow Dries

By | September 24, 2012

A while ago I received a very cute invitation for a VIP treatment at a newly opened Express Hair Blow Dry Salon located in Read more »

Blast from the Past: Prizes Underneath Soda Caps

By | September 11, 2012

A very long time ago, back in the early and mid 80’s, we enjoyed drinking soft drinks for two reasons: the taste of course and for the bottle caps. You see, most of the time there were Read more »

Sell your Instagram Pictures in Your Online Virtual Gallery

By | May 28, 2012

I read on Kuwaitiful’s blog today that there is a website that enables you to open your own online gallery of your Instagram photos and help sell them as art pieces! So I went ahead and checked it out. Read more »

Got a Blackberry? Get Free Coffee & Doughnuts!

By | May 10, 2012

Its been quite a busy couple of days! Lots of events, lots of invites and exhibitions. We’re guessing its because people are about to leave soon for the summer holidays. In any case I’ve gotten a call form Mr. Read more »

Crumbs Hunger Games Movie Night Competition

By | March 15, 2012

Crumbs bakery are at it again!

As Crumbs have done with previous “sagas” such as Twilight (post) and Harry Potter (post), the upcoming release of the much anticipated The Hunger Games in Kuwait means a new Movie Night Competition!

To enter the chance to win 3 VIP tickets to see The Hunger Games with Crumbs on Thursday, March 22nd 2012, all you need to do is answer some THG trivia by clicking here (link). When all the questions are answered correctly, your name will enter the draw once. Winners will be announced on Tuesday 20th of March 2012 on the facebook event page (link), so you have until Monday 19th of March at midnight to submit your answers.

Of course there will also be Crumbs treats for all winners at the cinema. And from my previous nights at Crumbs movie nights I have to tell you that it is NOT a night to be missed so head over to their competition page ASAP and submit your answers! I wish you all good luck and Crumbs? Keep up the good work :)

Thank You Ikea

By | March 14, 2012

After I posted about our Ikea kitchen installation mishap yesterday (post) I had a comment left by Mr. Waqar Bhutta asking me to contact him to resolve the issue and we did.

I have to say that Ikea did handle our complaint gracefully, listened to us thoroughly and offered to come tomorrow to fix everything up and install the missing kitchen doors and even offered us a new sink connection to replace the one we had with the missing screw. Given that we cannot get time off work tomorrow we asked them to come back on Saturday 10 AM so we could both be there and they also agreed.

There is a reason why my entire apartment looks like something out of the Ikea cataloge. I love their product and their service. Even if they did mess up they did care enough to make it right which I am grateful for.

Thank you Ikea. I cannot wait for Saturday so I can have my kitchen complete and ready to use. This is how I remember your business conduct, efficient and quick :)

Burger King’s Box It Your Way Promotion

By | March 14, 2012

Burger King have started a new promotion yesterday called “Box it Your Way”. As a vegetarian there is absolutely one fast food burger that I compare all other burgers to and that’s the Burger King’s spicy bean burger. Its my absolute favorite. So when Ms. Bibi from Al-Kout group offered me two of the new BK boxes to try I asked if it can have a spicy bean burger in it and she said of course it can.

I loved packaged food that come together in one box per meal. You would know what I mean if you’ve ever been excited by the prospect of plane food, the little portions, the covered packaged, the tiny bottles. Therefore I think it would be a great idea to have one’s meal in a box altogether. No more stealing half of the fries of my order by other diners because they fell in the bag. Its perfect for picnics and outdoor lunches and a quick way to sort out whose who meal wise!

The box is big and colorful. Its like the size of cake boxes if you get cake from patisserie stores around. It had a quality check sticker on it. Personally I thought if it was smaller and from a more sturdy cardboard material it would have been better and easier to handle. Inside my box was this.

In each box you get a sandwich + a salad + an appetizer + fries + soft drink. My fries were not spilled and no one stole them away from me :)

The salad which is coleslaw salad as the only choice. I am not really a fan of coleslaw to be frank. I’d rather it had another salad like green salad maybe or no salad all together but a dessert option for more hungry people?

The appetizer I chose was onion rings. You have a choice between three pieces of onion rings, 3 pieces of chicken fries, or 3 pieces of chicken tenders. Personally I think they should add 3 pieces of mozzarella sticks as well since I adore theirs and don’t have a choice but the onion rings which not everyone likes.

Then came the most important part of the box: the sandwiches! Mine was the spicy bean burger of course. Bu Tootee got the chicken whooper.

The best thing about the box? The soft drinks come in cans instead of takeaway cups which means 1- they won’t spill and 2- they retain their original flavor and texture.

On the side of the box you can find their facebook and twitter addresses giving the box a modern social media aware touch.

All in all we had a nice warm lunch yesterday thanks to Ms. Bibi and Burger King. We had fun each clutching his own box and opening it to dig in directly without fighting over who took whose potatoes. We were planning on having lunch outdoors but the weather was just too horrible. Next time we  will insha2 Allah!

Event: Launch of the Starbucks Card

By | February 22, 2012

Yesterday evening I was invited to the launch of Starbucks’s first “Starbucks Card”. If you read my blog you would know that I love store cards of all types (post) and I couldn’t be happier to know Read more »

Saturday Garage Sale: A Collection of English Books 2

By | February 4, 2012

Another Saturday, another batch of books! All of these book I’ve bought within last year and I’ve read only once and are in a very good condition. One is also new. I hope you can give them a good and loving home that ain’t as crowded as my overflowing book shelves.

The books are:

  • Last Night at Chateau Marmont by Lauren Weisberger.
  • I don’t Know How She Does it by Allison Pearson.
  • The Secret Life of Evie Hamilton by Catherine Alliott *New*.
  • The Last Letter from Your Lover by Jojo Moyes.
  • Afterwards by Rosamund Lupton.
  • $#*! My Dad Says by Justin Helpern.
  • Controversy by Hamad Alotaibi.


Selling Price: 10 KD.

If you are interested in this collection of books leave me a comment below or send me an email (link). Items must be picked up by the buyer (or their driver) and payment is cash upon pickup. No refunds or exchanges.

My olliclip pictures on Instagram

By | January 11, 2012

Today has proven to be a good day from the start! First I appeared in Bazaar Dining Guide. Second I woke up to find that my Instagram followers had reached -and passed- my milestone of Read more »

“Things 2 Get 4m London: HMV’s Box Sets

By | December 28, 2011

Even though people download their shows I still prefer the old school method of buying DVDs. The best place to purchase DVD’s is to buy them from HMV as they usually have box sets of entire TV serieses or movies and sell them for amazing prices too! For example I got the entire series of the popular 24 show for £49 only and the entire series of LOST for  £49 as well! I also got the entire collection of Harry Potter Movies from 1 to 8 which includes the Deathly Hollow 2 for £32 and the entire Fast & the Furious movie collection including Fast Five for £29. The planet of the Apes movie collection from old to new cost me only £10!

And I am still not done :p What can I say, DVD box sets gives me more pleasure that clothes and khalajeen!

Things 2 Do in London: Download a Free Book Every Monday

By | December 20, 2011

In Starbucks UK perched on the round table where the drinks are collected is a small black box with little cards inside. Every Monday the cards change. The cards represent a new “book” that can be downloaded for free from iTunes on an Apple device. All you have to do is pick up a card with your coffee for free, turn it around and use the download code provided to have your own free digital copy of the book of the week.

Brilliant indeed! Last Monday it was the observant. This Monday I am not sure as I haven’t been in Starbucks yet but I can’t wait to see what it is. Why don’t we have similar ideas back home? Why doesn’t our coffee houses provide something similar? I am sure it would be a big success if something similar was introduced back home. Don’t you think so?

The Philips Lumea Competition… Answer now to win

By | December 8, 2011

I will ask five questions in the end of this post. The answers should be derived from this posts contents and should be easy and straightforward. The commentors who get all five answers right will enter a draw today at midnight which will determine the winner. I will not approve comments on this post until midnight also so people don’t read each other’s answers :p

The competition is open until Read more »

Competitions: Win a Philips Lamea

By | December 7, 2011

Two years ago as I was browsing Boots aisles in the UK I stumbled upon a new product called “Philips Lumea”. A compact handheld light emitting device that can be used at home to remove excess hair once and for all.

At first I was skeptic. It must be a sham or something like it. Could it be? A laser like hair removal at home? It was simply too good to be true. The price tag of Read more »

Top 10 Perfect Cups of Hot Chocolate in Kuwait

By | November 28, 2011

Finding a decent cup of hot chocolate in Kuwait is not an easy task especially for someone who is as crazy about hot chocolate as yours truly. However I have compiled a list of the best 10 perfect hot chocolate cups you may find in Kuwait. There is nothing better in this weather than a perfect cup of hot chocolate while sitting outdoors.

1- Milk’s Hot Chocolate Dippers in Milk Chocolate flavor. The skimmed milk cup is HUGE and you can drink and drink and drink and enjoy to the max. The dippers are available for take away too!

2- Pick’s Hot Chocolate. Very very VERY good! A must try. My current 2nd favorite.

3- Starbucks Hot Chocolate. If and only if ordered while sitting in, in their cup, topped with whipped cream. Stir the whipped cream until developed in the cup and drink. Otherwise don’t bother!

4- Chocolate Bar’s Skinny Spanish hot chocolate. The Spanish comes with orange zest which I adore but you can order the Mexican or the plain Milk.

5- Godiva’s Hot Chocolate. It tastes better in the UK of course but its not bad at all in Kuwait.

6- Paul’s Hot Chocolate.

8- KDD’s Milk Chocolate. Heat it in the microwave for a minute, sprinkle mini marshmallows on top, and enjoy! Perfection.

8- McDonald’s Hot Chocolate! Brings back some very fond memories of college of Engineering breakfast <3

9- Le Pan’s Hot Chocolate. The flavor is not the best but the way you drink it, Heidi style, is the most fun in Kuwait especially with a scrumptious bread basket. Quite an experience.

10- Still contemplating position number 10 so I will keep it open for you guys to share and I will go try them out and see! What do you recommend?

Applebee’s Thanksgiving Promotion

By | November 23, 2011

I never knew Applebee’s celebrated Thanksgiving before. I guess this is good news to many American expats looking to celebrate with a turkey at home or by going out for dinner. Here’s Applebee’s Thanksgiving offer.

For Preorder of a Turkey please call 18 444 66

Reservations for a Thanksgiving meal in the restaurant, please contact:

Bneid Al Gar – 22407536 Mishref – 25381481 Fintas – 23714559

The Blogger’s Bowling Night…

By | October 27, 2011

We received an invitation for a Bloggers Bowling night from Tamdeen Entertainment to be held on Wednesday night in Read more »

L’Occitane Candy Cooking Contest and new X-Mas line

By | October 26, 2011

L’occitane had a great marketing idea for launching their new X-Mas 20ll limited edition line.  Provence”. Since the new line’s scents are inspired from the delicious old sweets they decided to launch the line with a Candy Cooking Contest!

The event was held in Read more »

Zero Degrees’s Loyalty Card

By | October 19, 2011

One thing I really enjoy and we really don’t have enough from in Kuwait is loyalty cards! I don’t know why exactly but whenever I see one it makes me happy!

Given that I am a big fan of frozen yogurt and consume it almost on daily basis, I was beyond excited when I was paying for my frozen yogurt in Zero Degrees yesterday and they took a little card and punched it in front of me 😀

6 more days and I will be getting myself a free froyo from frozen degrees! Not a bad move considering I spend a big chunk of my salary on my guiltless daily treat! Way to go Zero Degrees, you sure have caught my interest and gave me one more reason to choose you over the one million other Frozen Yogurt joints in Kuwait -aside from your good tasting yogurt that is-.

I truly wish more stores and businesses provide a similar service in Kuwait. Why not y3ni? You should see the amount of loyalty cards I’ve got in the UK! might make an entire post about them soon.

My Perfume Combination WON!

By | October 10, 2011

Another good news of the day is that the results of the 52 Degrees Perfume competition is out, do you remember my post about them? (post).

Guess who won? Won 2nd place out of 16 other participants? and will have a perfume with her name sold in 52 degrees according to her own chosen combinations?

Yes! Yours turly! I WON I WON I WON!

El celebrities a7san mini? Ana b3d 3ndi a perfume called Danderma sold in 52 degrees 😀 I am becoming a brand name :p

Ma awa9eekom awal ma my perfume is displayed you should go and try it. It is floral based but somehow it has an oriental vibe to its 😀

Store Opening: Butterfly Sweets

By | September 12, 2011

I remember when I reviewed Butterfly sweets around a year and a half ago on my blog (post). It was a small home business with a lot of taste and big prospects. You can then imagine my happiness when I got an email from the owner informing me that their little home business has grown successfully Masha2 Allah into a store whose opening today at four PM in Al-Nokhitha mall in Aqaila.

I love success stories and I’m Read more »

The Breakfast of Eid Al-Fitr 1432 :D

By | August 30, 2011

Goood Morning! I miss Ramadan and I am really sad it has come and gone. But I also missed having breakfast in the morning and the first Read more »

One More Bite’s Special Ramadan Trays

By | July 30, 2011

Remember my infatiation with One more bite’s amazing cupcakes (post)?

Well now they are offering Ramadan trays for their amazing goodies! Check Read more »