The Lotus Biscuit & Biscuit Spread Weekend

Juma By | June 23, 2013

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Earlier last week I received a big brown box from Abdul Aziz Alghanim General Trading company, the distributors of the much beloved and very popular Lotus caramelised biscuits in Kuwait. So popular in fact that the company recently opened a Lotus Corner cafe serving Lotus caramelised biscuit products in Souk Sharq! Read more »

Habba Alert: Acrylic Box Clutches

By | May 6, 2013


See-through clear bags are not new per say, they’ve come and gone on the fashion scene several times before. I remember sporting a big see-through blue on my first day of college back in 1998. These days everyone is Read more »

Once Upon a Habba: The Swarovski Crystal

By | October 15, 2012

The year was 2003. I had just gotten my new car then and I looked for the perfect thing to hang from its rear view mirror. Then I was in Swaroviski, I remember clearly it was the Salhiya branch, when I saw the crystal snowflake Xmas ornament. I knew right then and there that this was the perfect thing I was looking for.

I hung it on my rear view mirror, the sun rays caught in the crystal edges whenever I drove and it would light up with a million colorful lights, like something out of a cartoon dream. People used to stop me and ask me where I got it from. It was a big thing back then and it stayed on for a while, perhaps a few years even. It was simply beautiful.

I loved my crystal and now, 9 years later, I still do. Even though most of the edges broke off when I hit a speed bump and the crystal would crash into the windscreen. Even though sometimes the glitter of the light would blind my eyes, I would never take it down.

Do you remember the Swarovski crystal habba? Do you still hang yours in your car?

Habba Alert: Retro Casio Watch

By | August 17, 2012

A weird habba has been hanging on Kuwaiti girls wrists for a while now, something that reminds me of the 80s, a retro golden Casio digital watch. Back in 2010 I saw retro Timex watches in Selfridges and wrote a post about would you wear one of these (post) I guess now it has indeed become a trend but with Casio.

I think back in the 80s some male in the family had a silver watch but its fuzzy. I remember young boys in the mid 90s going crazy over some Casio watch with buttons that made phone calls or something and the girls going crazy for Casio Baby G’s. The only Casio I’ve ever went gaga over was the Casio Magic Diary back in 1992 or 1993 (post).

I surely don’t understand this habba even though it reminded me of the golden Swatch watch habba back in the mid 2000s. I don’t really like the watch much even though it has a retro look, its just not something I’d pick up and wear. I’m also not a habba girl so I wouldn’t buy something I don’t love just because everyone is doing it, whether Kuwaitis or fashionistas around the globe. I don’t think I will follow that habba anytime soon.

What about you? What do you think? Do you understand the appeal on this watch besides the fact that its habba? Would you wear it? If you want to, here is a link to where you can purchase it online just in case all Casio sellers in Kuwait had already run out of it. It costs around 9 KD (link).

Habba Alert: Lotus Caramelized Ginger Biscuit Spread

By | May 10, 2012

Scoot over Nuttella, Lotus Caramelized Ginger Biscuit Spread is the new hit spreading around K-Town.

Remember when I posted a few weeks ago about the Ginger Lotus biscuits that every Read more »

Habba Alert: 7anafi’s Mustache

By | March 12, 2012

Remember my nameless friend? He has a name now, its 7anafi. He is definitely a 7anafi. Turns out 7anafi’s and his mustache are really trendy! Apparently mustache is now appearing everywhere from babygros to iphone covers and jewelry the way skulls did a few years back!

7anafi mo hayen 6ala3 y7leelah, after all he did come from Top Shop! Trendy 7anafi :)

I’ve Got My Own Monopoly Deal :D

By | November 15, 2011

Ever since I’ve seen the first Monopoly board in my aunt’s house in the early 80’s I became a huge Monopoly fan and it became my favorite board game (post). When I heard about the Monopoly Deal card game and how its a big habba now I so wanted to own one and play with it. The thing about the original Monopoly is it takes a lot of time and space to set up hence no one has the time to play with you!

Of course its sold out in Kuwait and in the UK as well. But my favorite cousin Abdullah who just arrived from the UK has found me one and snatched it for me 😀 He came over yesterday at night and gave it to me and I couldn’t be happier to get my hands on the Monopoly deck!

Still didn’t play it but I am planning to do so tonight. I’m so excited 😀

Thank you dear 3obada for your generous thoughtfulness. You truly made my day yesterday 😀

P.S. if you are in London and can’t find a Monopoly Deal try W.H. Smith!

Habba Alert: Monopoly Deal

By | November 6, 2011

Have you heard about the latest Kuwaiti Habba? The Monoply Deal card game?

Apparently the Kuwaiti population are going gaga over it. Fantasy world has sold out of it and the moment they get new stock they sold out of it again. It sells for around 3 KD but some people are buying it and reselling it for 20 KD!!!

It is also sold out abroad, even in the Hamley’s UK! You can order it via amazon though and I might just order one for myself to play with it and see what the fuss is all about. I love Monopoly, ever since the 80’s it was my favorite board game of all time. I wouldn’t mind buying the card game and playing it with whomever wants to play :)

Do you have the Monopoly Deal card game? Why is it so addictive as they say? Where did you get it from?

Habba Alert: 7ejab Bu Tafkha Version 2!

By | October 17, 2011

When the 7ejab Bu Tafkha came out a few years ago, the amount of ridicule those who wore it got was overwhelming, yet they didn’t care and the girls sporting the look grew by rapid numbers.

Slowly the look began to diminish. BUT…

Well in the past few months I’ve noticed a revival of the 7jab Bu Tafkha with a new twist: Part the front of your hair, pile it up high in a subtle bukla, place the 7ejab on top so it shows 1/2 your hair on top, and keep the tafkha on the very top back and make it a very big huge one! They look even worse than before! 9ar hawdaj mo tafkha! Yoboooy!

What the hell is that look? Doesn’t their heads hurt with all the weight on top? I wish I could draw a better picture but this is the most my artistic talent could get! What on earth is wrong with a simple plain 7jab? or 7jab bu kleenex! 7ar! Ya nass 7ar! Ma tkheshoon? The think is so heavy and bothersome a woman almost slammed into my car the other day because she was adjusting “Her pretty 7ejab look” while driving, tadroon el anaqa kanat ra7 tekhtereb if she didn’t fix it in the street w3liya. So this post is in her honor.

It doesn’t look like 7ejab Bu Tafkha is going anywhere soon :(

Habba Alert: m&m’s hoodies

By | September 24, 2011

The hoodie wearing habba has been around for quite some time now. Personally I’ve always been a fan of hoodies. In case you haven’t heard already it is considered a habba now to go into wear a hoodie bought from the m&m’s store in London or the USA. In fact they are quite hard to find now since rabe3na buy them bel habal and you would be lucky if you found your size in the hoodie of your choice, if any size at all.

So if you are travelling soon or know anyone who is travelling to a place with a m&m’s store ask them for a hoodie as a soo’3a!

Habba Alert: The Bow Tie

By | September 18, 2011

Did you know the bow tie is back?

I read the line above on a website selling ties and bow ties and I snorted. When were they ever fashionable? Apparently I am mistaken for I have been seeing them around K-Town for two days in a row!

Big colorful ridiculous bow tie on an immaculate outfit worn to a place where its guaranteed you will be seen by half the Kuwaiti society. I don’t even know the things name in Arabic, aside from what I call wardat fa6oo6a that is. I sincerely hope it won’t catch on like Men wearing a head band habba thing but you never know with this society! Now I long for the days when shaved bald heads where in style! At least they were macho, not ridiculously clownish.

Guys, would you wear a Bow Tie in public?

Habba Alert: Fake Eyelashes!

By | July 3, 2011

I am used to seeing fake eye lashes worn in wedding parties with full make up on. Some use them subtly, others look just ridiculous but then you see some pretty horrible stuff at weddings.

What I noticed since last week is that many girls are wearing fake eyelashes. You would go to Mcdonald’s or the Co-Op and see a girl wearing casual clothing and not above normal makeup BUT has a big thick extra long fake layer of eyelashes, Miss Piggy style, extending 2 centimetres out of her face

Not one, not two, MANY! They are every where, sadly its the exact same style of fake eyelashes that screams fake. Wear fake eyelashes wherever you want, but why this big? Its like wearing a makasha on top of your eyelids and they must feel heavy! Plus, I don’t think its such a good idea to wear them in this bad dusty weather, they will need dusting afterwards for sure.

Wear them, keifkom, just tone them down. For the love of god tone them down so you would at least end up looking somewhat normal! Eshda3wa kil hal rmoosh!

Habba Alert: Sponge Bob Tshirts

By | June 26, 2011

Its been a while since I have witnessed a new Habba for my Habba Alert posts. But last week I was at work when I saw a girl who was wearing the t-shirt above TO WORK!

I tweeted about it and I was told that they are popping up every where these days! It’s not as popular as the Super Man Tshirt Habba (post) but you never know it might just catch up.

I hate Sponge Bob, thaqel 6eeena! I would rather wear a Thunder Cats Tshirt. Whether you like it or not, whatever you do, please remember one thing: Sponge Bob Tshirts are NOT appropriate for work!

Habba Alert: LiveProfile

By | April 16, 2011

Suddenly we are recieving requests over BBM, Whatsup, Twitter, and Facebook to add someone to LiveProfile using their pin.

It happened overnight! Yesterday there were no pins being distrubited and now i am recieving requests from complete strangers on Whatsupp to add me on LiveProfile? Excuse me who are you? and how exactly did you manage to get my number and add me on Whatsupp in the first place?

3ammo Google says that LiveProfile managed to gain 1 million users in five days when they launched their BlackBerry app. It has been around since October for Android user and then it was available for Apple Iphone users on January and has just been available for Blackberry. So Kuwaiti people who already know about it because they have Iphone and Android 3n el tefelsef o stop saying waay min zman nazel tawkom et3arfonah. Ee tawna en3arfah for Blackberry e7na o 1 million others. 7a9al khair.

Will i use it? Madry. I am not that keen on jumping on board habba’s especially given i am already talking to the same people on Twitter, BBM, Whatsupp, Facebook, and real life. But if it proves to be a good substitute to Whatsupp i would use it. I hate Whatsupp to be frank.

for more information about LiveProfile check their website

Habba Alert: Keshesh o Tejan El Ryayeel!

By | March 27, 2011

Wallah i don’t know what to say to this… but every week i see more and more young q8y men naksheen roos.hom… Tall and short, fat and thin, stylish and Allah bel khair, Dishdasha’s or Shirts & Jeans, fine straight hair or afro, all with hair length beyond their shoulders and surprise surprise… showareb or saksooka!!!!

I don’t know what to say… how long do they stay in front of mirror fixing their hair before they go out? If rab3ah waiting outside and they call him sheygol? Aloo wainik? Walla ga3ed asheel el lafafat min sha3ree degega albes my taaj o ayekom?!

La 7awla wala qowata ella be Allah… keshesh o teejan o showareb o  7alat.hom 7ala… laish?! Shelle 7adkom!? Style?

Wedi agolokom inkom you look like cave men and dishvilled. I have yet to see one guy pullling this look off and looking both manly and stylish. and you won’t unless ur planning to fight as a WWE wrester y3ni… and loose the taaj for the love of god loose the taj!!! What happene to the baldy style!? At least it was manly!!! La 7awla wala gowata ella Be Allah!!!

What’s next? Shebabe9 o ga6wetain? 3achayef? Wella shraykom Highlights? yet.haya2lee y6l3 7elo ma3a il taaj khawatee… just a tip, if you highlight your hair you must lighten ur eyebrows o shanab wella ybayen tra…

Habba Alert: Very Hight Very Tight Hair Knot

By | March 14, 2011

Two years ago Kuwaiti Girls decided that a bun was the “it” hairdo to our various occasions. To be frank i was relieved since it means spending much less time in the Salon to prepare for a party.

I thought that style had blown over by now. To my surprise i began noticing a new trend in the Avenues last week! Many many girls had their hair in a bun… not any normal bun no no… a very tight very high bun on the top of their heads tightly knotted over slicked back hair…

That style is definitely not for everyone. Very few people would be able to pull it off to be frank. and none of the girls i saw did. It looked a bit scary, quite strange as if they had just gotten out of the shower and had no time to do their hair, and it looked very painful. I don’t see the beauty in this habba…

Any ways it is there already. The girls who wore it were mostly tanned, wearing skinny jeans or leggings, a jacket for the winter, high heels, Cleopatra eyeliner, and earrings of course.

Please for the love of god i beg of you, if you are not stick thin and you have a leqleq and/or khdood (double chin & cheeks) please do not attempt this hairdo, it WILL NOT look good on you. It can barely pass on stick thin girls… Salma Hayek can barely get away with it… Victoria Beckham would pass with flying colours though…

What do you think of this hairdo? Would you wear it for your next outing?

Habba Alert: The Chiff (Bracelet Ring)

By | March 8, 2011

I don’t know how long have people been wearing this in Kuwait but i’ve been noticing more and more girls wearing the Bracelet Ring Combo wherever i go!

I remember when we were kids this bracelet ring combo, called Chiff in Kuwaiti back then, was very popular and young girls wore it proudly especially during Eid day… of course it was golden and heavily decorated Indian style… but then people stopped wearing it especially from the mid 90’s onwards.

And now it’s back… of course it’s heavily decorated and all 0f that… at first i didn’t like it for the ones i saw girls wearing were very heavy, too embellished, and looked itchy! Then i found the picture above and thought it doesn’t look bad!

Would you wear this Chiff now? I would wear it if and only if it was as simple as the one above. Maybe b3d i am not sure.

Habba Alert: Cleopatra’s Eyeliner!

By | February 28, 2011

A while ago i stood by Chocolate Bar’s entrance waiting for a table outdoors… and to be frank i have to say i was scared. For i saw many many girls with Cleopatra’s eyeliner style makeup! You would see a thick layer of eyeliner surrounding their eyes and extending backwards until the line almost reaches their ears or hairline… the effect is not always well done or subtle… thus their eyes look very big, very angry, and yinni like!

The effect is intensified if they have tattoed eyebrows, pouty booz drenched in a bright lipstick, o foogha staring at you b3d!!! Yobooy!

Dear Q8y girl… If you like this habba… and you MUST put on that kind of eyeliner like the rest of the girls… please make sure you perfect the technique of applying this kind of eyeliner and that the end result won’t scare people. and ease up on the lipstick… red lipstick and cleopatra’s eyeliner don’t really go hand in hand, not in real life anyways.

Would you put on a cleopatra style  eyeliner?

Habba Alert: The Henna Glove!

By | February 23, 2011

In case you have been living under a rock or something, there is a strong habba wave that sent the girls of Q8 scrambling to the nearest salon… the Henna Glove!

A Henna Tatoo of a dantelle glove that looks like you are wearing one… personally i was never a fan of 7enna and i hated it’s smell ever since i was a child but then other people adore it and love it’s smell so i guess if you love 7enna you will love this habba especially since every one is hopping on board it’s wagon… just remember it will take forever to completely fade…

The picture is taking from The Bodouir Salon (link)

Would you put on a Henna Glove?!

Habba Alert: Heavily Tattoed Eyebrows!

By | February 15, 2011

When i was in Dubai i could tell if a girl is Q8y or not just by glancing at her eyebrows! I tried my best to draw what i’ve been seeing lately in the picture above but they are not exactly coming out right! Tattoed Eyebrows… HEAVILY tattoed eyebrows… it’s like they have shaved their eyebrows off and drew on artificial eyebrows with kohl pen or black henna! The eyebrows look very black, very artificial, and very weird and frankly whenever i see them they scare me!

How on earth did those girls get their eyebrows like that? Only Q8y girls… and for gods sake WHY! They look very weird and creepy… it’s like they are hanging off the face ready to fly or something… almost every other girl i see now has her eyebrows done that way and they are all identical!!!

I am not liking this habba… it is scaring me! and i am sure it is scaring the men of Q8 as well!!!

Habba Alert: Superman Hoodie!

By | January 23, 2011

On Friday i saw a girl who was wearing the exact same hoodie shown above. She was wearing a matching 7ejab on her head with full scarlet red lips to match the logo and she looked… well weird. It wasn’t the hoodie… it was the color combination of her 7ejab and lips that didn’t match her darkish skin tone at all…

Then i saw more superman hoodies around! A white one i liked in particular! I asked in Twitter if they noticed girls wearing Superman hoodies all around us and one of my follow tweeps replied that Zara sells those hoodies in many colors!!!

So apparently it’s a new habba in Q8… Superman hoodie with skinny jeans… so early 90’s!!! I wouldn’t mind this habba i like superman and i love cosey oversized hoodie and casual jeans look. Just please don’t pair it with scarlet red lips and superman blue 7jab piled up high!!!

Eshraykom? Would you wear this hoodie? How many girls did you see around you wearing the hoodie?!