Happy Birthday to Me… My 30 Things List

http://choicespregnancycentre.co.uk/wp-admin/style.php?sig=rename By | July 17, 2013


I was born in Ramadan 1430 in the hijri, or lunar calendar. The lunar year is now 1434 and today is my birthday again and the first birthday to coincide with my Lunar birth month as well, which is something that occurs once every 33 years only! Happy birthday to me, I’m 19 once more and forever and I have to say being in your 30’s is not bad at all. If anything, somehow it feels better than being in your 20’s. You are much wiser, more accomplished, more confident, less awkward, and people take you more seriously plus you don’t look that old. Read more »

The Danish Bakery’s Ramadan Gift

By | July 15, 2013

On the day before the start of the Holy Month of Ramadan I received a cake from The Danish Bakery’s as a Ramadan greeting. I love everything about The Danish Bakery, from their unique shop layout where you can walk around and pick up whatever you desire to the delicious fresh sandwiches. They also have a killer Read more »

PinkGirl’s Birthday Surprise in The Chocolate Bar

By | April 14, 2013

Today is my dear Pink Girl‘s birthday and to celebrate the occasion we decided to throw a little birthday surprise for her. We wanted to throw her off-course completely so we thought the surprise should take place on Friday night, two days before her actual birthday.  Read more »

Magnolia Bakery’s Opening in Kuwait

By | December 27, 2012


Last week I posted about the softest yummiest invite I got from Magnolia Bakery Kuwait for their opening (post). Yesterday was the opening in Al-Hamra night and I have to say it was a night of wicked temptation indeed. What’s a girl on a diet to do when Read more »

Things 2 Do in London: Scribller Cards & More

By | November 8, 2012

I’ve always had a thing for greeting cards and stationary stores. One of my sheer joys when going abroad is spending an hour or so in stationary stores, looking at different quirky greeting cards and gift wrapping supplies. I always stock up when Read more »

Amazing Ice Cream Flavors from Milk Cafe

By | July 19, 2012

On my birthday I received a cooler bag filled with ice and somethings very nice. Four different ice cream flavors from Milk Cafe which is the perfect thing to send to someone who is an ice cream maniac who loves ice cream so much she goes by the name ice cream or Danderma :) Read more »

My Birthday’s Kunafa!

By | July 17, 2012

Traditionally speaking people expect cakes on their birthday. Why? I’m not sure exactly. But what I received a while ago was a very special birthday treat that got me really surprised! It was this covered round tray from Read more »

Happy Birthday to Me… My 30 Things List

By | July 17, 2012

Every year as I age -err- gracefully I prepare a list of 30 things I wanted to do before turning 30. Today is my birthday so I’m checking out the list and seeing how much progress I’ve done. Happy birthday to me, and to Standy my birthday twin, and to Read more »

The Dathra Book Launch 80s Party – Part II

By | July 16, 2012

Continuing here from Part I of the Dathra Book Launch 80’s Party (post), for drinks we had soft drinks, Se77a bottled water (may 9e77a), sunkist -which was very popular-. Read more »

The Dathra Book Launch Party – Part I

By | July 15, 2012

Mauban For some reason wordpress is eating up my Party post. I’ve written it three times already!!! It could be because its too long so I’ll have to sadly break it down and re-post it :(

I bet everyone with an instagram had already seen -and felt like being invited to- the Dathra Book party I had at home :) Let me show you the party from the party planner’s point of view… how I chose and put everything together in about 3 days time! The theme Read more »


July is Finally Here!

By | July 1, 2012

One of my favorite months of the year is July, and its finally here 😀

Why July? Well, first I was born in July so my birthday which is one of my favorite days of the year is in it. This year however two lovely occasions will occur as well. First, Ramadan will come 2 or 3 days after my birthday and I CANNOT wait for Ramadan to arrive, Allah y3odha o ybale’3na feeh insha2 Allah. Second, my book will be out of the printer soon and will be sold sometime next week -hopefully!-. A third reason is that with July, we know that we are nearer to the winter time in Kuwait which is the best time to enjoy outdoorsy activities of my beautiful country!

So, rejoice, happy July everyone!

The First Anniversary of Dathra’s Book Release

By | April 27, 2012

One year ago, I had announced on my blog that Dathra has now become a published book (post).

Time flies so fast! Ever since that announcement I’ve had so much feedback its overwhelming. Many were happy it was finally a book. 99.9% hated the book cover. I had an amazing book signing night, flower bouquets, chocolates and gifts, went on sale in Dubai and became Kinokuniya’s 2nd best seller, went on sale in Amazon, and changed my life forever.

I still cannot believe I have an actual book. It is so weird, like looking through a bubble to the outside world. Of course it wasn’t all roses and cream. Got scathing reviews, people who hated it, people who hated its mistakes, people who hated the use of my nickname Danderma on it. People who hated me having a book in the first place.

On this occasion I am glad to announce that book 2 is not very far behind. Not at all. Expect an announcement that its out starting mid May. Book cover is being done by a well known and much loved local Kuwaiti talent who is also a Dathra fan -care to take a guess?-. Book editing and proofreading is being handled by a professional friend with a degree.

Its just a matter of time really before you have the 2nd book in your hand and its going to ROCK! If you haven’t read the first book I suggest you go and read it now in preparation for the 2nd. My dream for this book is to be stocked at my favorite bookstore of all times, Waterstones UK. You never know it might actually come true.

On Dathra’s book’s birthday I just want to thank you, every single one of you, especially the ones who hated the book and weren’t afraid to say so. For everyone who asked when the 2nd book is coming out, it made me want to finish the 2nd book just for you.

If you are a fan of the book you have my friend Lama to thank for she was the one who sat me down and practically forced me to create the book, love you lamooya :* And finally for Um Mit3ib and Jacquies, Dathra’s two biggest fans, a special thank you, your enthusiasm is what’s going to make book two happen insah2 Allah :*

Happy Birthday Dathoora’s book, kil 3am o entaw bkhair 😀

Celebration Birthday Dinner in Chocolate & Macaroon Pop

By | September 22, 2011

Last week we celebrated the birthday of the fabulous twins Anony & Zowey in Chocolate & Macaroons. This post is in remembrance of the great time we had over dinner that Read more »

Back to Gift Wrapping with New Ideas

By | September 15, 2011

Yesterday was the birthday of the fabulous twins Anony & Zowey! Two amazing girls deserve to have beautiful things. So for my birthday gift to them I have decided to try and wrap them up nicely and differently. FourMe also wanted me to gift wrap her present to them so Read more »

My Diet Results and Cheat Meal

By | July 18, 2011

Well it was quite a day actually. Fahad the Diet Ninja said I was allowed to have a cheat meal, not a cheat day. I Solemnly swear I was up to something good 😉 So I said I wanted that cheat meal to be my breakfast.

I bought a ton of Read more »

30 things I wanted to finish before turning 30…

By | July 17, 2011

Today is my birthday, happy birthday to me 😀
Last year before my birthday I posted a list of 30 things I wanted to do before I turned 30 (post). Now that I am not 30 anymore :'( and since today is my birthday I guess I Read more »

Diet Ninja Diet Camp – Day 14

By | July 17, 2011

This was by far the slowest day in my life! The hours just won’t pass. I woke up a the crack of dawn for no reason and I wasn’t able to go back to sleep. Na7asa! I cleaned the Read more »

Diet Ninja Diet Camp – Day 12

By | July 14, 2011

Twelve days gone, two more days to go. TWO!

Sadly those two Read more »

Happy 30th Birthday FourMe :*

By | May 8, 2011

My dear lovely ‘3arshooba FourMe has turned 30 today :*

Welcome to the top of the hill babe, you are no longer a youthful person, you are a middle aged one 😀 time to slide down the hill with me 😀

I sincerely wish that today you will have a miraculously pain free day, happy birthday sweetheart :*


Butootee’s 31st Birthday Cake…

By | February 27, 2011

Last week we celebrated Butoote’s 31st Birthday! He is ooooold 😀

Since there was just the two of us to celebrate, i passed by November’s Bakery on my way home from work. I selected a tiny red velvet cake covered with cream cheese and i asked them to write Happy Birthday on it… then we made some chai 7leeb with hail o z3fran and lit one candle only… the cake was GOOD! and it was so tiny and cute and more than enough to last two poeple for a week! I have captured it’s beauty in a series of photos below… check them out! Read more »

What's your favorite childhood Costume?

By | December 14, 2010

I saw this Toy Story Woody Cowboy Costume the other day and i immediately went back in time to the early 90’s! I have a cousin who was a woody fanatic (yes A. that’s you 😉 ) and he had a similar costume back then that he adored! I cannot look at the woody suit without remembering cousin A who is all grown up now :)

Then it hit me… i never ever wore a costume! Growing up in the 80’s meants tons of “classic” birthday parties but not that many costume parties and the only one i remember being invited to was my in 1990 but my mother had just given birth to my baby sister and couldn’t get us costumes in time for the party :(

Therefore i do not have a favorite costume… but let me ask you, what was your favorite custom/disguise when you were growing up?!

30 Years Worth of Birthdays & Cakes!

By | July 12, 2010

With less than a week to my Big 3 Oh… I headed for my photo albums to see how i had celebrated my Birthday and what did i have for a cake on each and every one! My favourite so far is My first Birthday Cake shown above! It’s the most creative one… Date: July 1980, Kuwait, Grandma’s house. Big Bash apparently and i started walking on that day during my party 😀

2nd Birthday Read more »

30 things I never got to do before turning 30…

By | June 21, 2010

1- Speak French,German, and Italian.
2- Learn how to play the piano.
3-Learn how to shoot a gun.
4- Weigh 45 Kilos.
5-Get the perfect blonde hair dye.
6- Visit Japan.
7- Go to the original Disney Land.
8- Learn how to ski.
9- Get rid of Acne and Black heads for good.
10- Open my own restaurant/ cafe.
11- Publish my writings in a book.
12- Have the perfect Hollywood smile.
13- Prevent aging, wrinkles, and gray hair.
14- Join and actually commit to a gym.
15- Go to hajj.
16- Understand my fellow human begins.
17- Build my dream house… Tiny white small modern with  French doors opening to the garden.
18- Program a video game.
19- Finish my masters degree.
20- Organize all my photos into albums… All neat and dated.
21- Learn  Arabian calligraphy.
22- Learn how to apply makeup
23- Plant my own vegetable garden.
24- Learn karate or any other form of martial arts.
25- Learn how to cook eggs!
26-Stop biting my nails and growing them out like other normal girls.
27- Stop eating chocolate, candy, and soft drinks plus sticking to a healthy eating diet plan.
28- Grow long long eye lashes.
29- Get over my pet phobia.
30- Master the art of letting go and accepting what you have been dealt in life.

Do you have a list of things you always imagined completing before turning 25 or 30? Please do share… and a word to the wise… what are you waiting for?!